Turn Viewers Into New Guests
With High-Quality Videos

How It Works

Step One: Order

Simply place an order for the current available videos (more to come)

Step Two: Customization

After purchase, simply let us know the name & contact info of your location

Step Three: Market Your Videos

We’ll customize your video and send you a video file to use for social media & your website.

Do you love your social media videos so much that you want them to be on TV?


Convert for 30 second TV Commerical
Instead of paying the broadcast company thousands of dollars to film, edit and create potentially a lower quality video – we’d be happy to help out. If you’ve purchased our social videos for all of your locations, we’ll make a custom edit that lists all of them that specifically optimized for TV. Here’s what’s included:


  • Modify frame rate for TV Standards
  • Adjust to specific commercial duration
  • Modify for TV title safe zones
  • Compressed & optimized files for broadcast
  • Holiday version included ($297 value)
  • Choose either Couples or Woodhouse video
  • Customize contact info with your multiple locations


Can I use this for my TV Commercial?

In their current format, they are not optimized for TV broadcast. However, we do offer an inexpensive $297 upgrade for us to customized and re-format for TV. Just go here to purchase that option.

What if I have multiple locations?

If you have multiple locations, simply complete an order for each location. Once you’ve gone through the purchasing process with the first location and filled out the customization form, you’d just go through the process for other locations there after.

How much does a video like this typically cost?

Creating original video content can be a very time consuming and costly process. If you were to hire my team or someone local the price for ONE video would cost between $3,000 – $4,000 and according to Business.com the average cost per finished minute of video is $6,000.

However, these carefully crafted videos specifically designed for budget blinds only cost $297 – making them 90% off.

What do I do with the videos?

Once you have the video files you want to start utilizing them for your sales and marketing. Post to your social media, use for landing pages & your website, put on your LinkedIN profile, emails and use for Google & FB ads.

How to I email the videos to customers?

The easiest way is sending a clickable link to your videos in your email, so the customer can watch them online.  Simply send them the link to your website where you’ve embedded the video. 

Can we change Christmas to "Holidays"

If you would prefer the word “Holidays” instead of “Christmas” for your videos -we’d be happy to re-edit them for you for a nominal fee of $100.

We’ll re-edit and modify the closing for all of your videos that have the seasonal call to action. Simply contact kurt@mosaicmediafilms.com and we’ll work on it for you right away.

Can I have the footage without the text on it?

The videos are specially designed with your contact information so that viewers know how to contact you throughout the video. The raw footage is not available without your contact information.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for raw footage there are some “stock video” options available on sites like Pond 5 & iStock. Generally, each 4-10 second video clip cost about $60.00-$180.00 each clip.

Do I really need videos?

If you haven’t used video thus far, I can understand you may think they will help. However, study after study and physical real-world examples have shown how powerful video is for sales, branding, and marketing. It fully engages customers visually, and helps better showcase the experience of The Woodhouse.

How long does it take to get the video?

We’ll customize your videos with your phone number, email address, and location name within 3 business days when the order is placed. 

Why can’t I just show photos?

Unlike photos that are static, video truly gives an engaging experience. With different angles, and movement that more effectively engages the customer in a buying a decision.


Facebook Posts

Post your videos on your locations FB page regularly


Facebook Ads

Use video with Facebook Ads for a major conversion bump



Post your videos to your Woodhouse Micro Site



Post to your feed & put on your profile & employee’s profiles


Google Ads

Use on landing pages with your Google PPC Ads


Email Signature

Create a text link to your videos for all team members email signatures


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