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A Business Promo video is perhaps the most important video to have for your business.

This is the flagship video that tells a compelling story about who you are, what you do and how you help your customers.

If you’re only going to have one professional video, this is the video to have.

A lot of people think it’s a story all about them. However… it’s really a story about your customer’s journey, your process and what their life will look like when they work with you.

In your business promo we’ll use our proprietary 9-part story framework to help engage, educate and convert viewers to buyers.

Breaking down the process

When creating a business promo video, we’ll do a deep dive into your business and get in the mind of your ideal customer so we can create a message and visuals that connect with them on a deeper level.

This way after they’ve seen the video, they’ll be incredible eager to work with you.

We’ll combine cinematic visuals, interview, testimonials and animation to tell your story of your customer’s journey in a compelling way that helps you increase sales and conversion.

Where Can I Put This Video?

Because your business promo is your flagship video, make sure to showcase it everywhere.

Starting with your home page above the fold.

You can also put it on your about us page, social media sites, business profiles, citation sites, YouTube, your blog, use it for ads, landing pages and an array of other places online.

To learn more about business promo videos and how they can help your business, set up a free strategy call with us today by clicking on the link below.

We worked with Mark a couple years back to make some promotional videos for one of my clients. I also worked with Mark on a promotional video for my own company. Each time I have worked with Mark, I have been extremely impressed with the quality of work, his process that makes things easy for the client, and the professional quality of the videos. I can not recommend Mosaic Media enough.

  Trish Lee

You’ve spent a tremendous amount of time, energy, hard-work, and money into building your business, but if you don’t actually have any “business” then everything you’ve worked for will be in vain.

Don’t let your company’s information get lost on a boring “About Us” page. At Mosaic Media Films, we can help you create a dynamic video to engage with your potential customers and show them exactly why your company is the best fit.

A professional business promo video will help to articulate your unique approach, demonstrate the experience your previous customers have had, and explain the process you take to make life better for your prospective clients. No other marketing tool can help you clarify your message so quickly and easily and visually engage new customers like video. Potential customers can see your company, your team, and understand your process before the first call or email — making a single business promo video a very powerful sales and marketing tool that works for you over and over again.

A properly created and placed business promo video will market itself. Ideally, a business promo video should be at the top of your homepage and utilized in all of your online marketing endeavors such as, landing pages, social media pages, email marketing, retargeting, Facebook ads, and pay per click ads. It’s an important aspect of a successful marketing strategy and works best when integrated into your full content plan.

The best part of your promo video is that video by nature helps lure customers to your page and can act as a conduit to the rest of your site. It also helps create trust. Your customers can literally see your company in action and hear testimonials from former customers. By adding your video to all of your marketing materials, landing pages, and social media pages, you will find that your business promo video helps customers understand your business and feel connected to your company.

A business promo video can range in length depending on your company’s specific goals. Most company videos of this type are typically one to four minutes in length. Due to our extensive experience in media and video production, we recommend promo videos that average three minutes. This video length gives you enough time to tell your business’ story while still respecting your audience’s attention span and busy schedule. The sweet spot for most customers’ attention spans online is one and half to two minutes. We can help you craft a video that attracts attention and puts your most important content in front of an audience when they are most likely to absorb it and pay attention.

At Mosaic Media Films, we can help you make a one to three minute business promo video that cuts through the noise on social media pages, helps you connect with current and potential customers, and gives your viewers a positive impression of your business. Let us help you create a video that offers a boost to your marketing plan and connects with the right customers.

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We offer an array of different “Types of Videos” such as Customer Stories, Service Videos, FAQs, Animation Videos, Voice- Over Videos, Animation, all of which will help you leverage your online marketing and help create higher engagement, clicks, calls, opt-ins, and conversion.

Give a call and let us strategize on how we can create the right series of videos that you can utilize with your marketing.

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