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This specific video is the Business Promo Video which is considered the flagship video. It’s the overarching video that talks about who they are, what they do and what makes them uniquely different. This uses a combination of interviews, testimonials, and visuals and briefly highlight everything the business does.

I often say, “if you’re going to have one video, then a business promo is one you want.” It’s a brief overview of what you do and the experience people can expect to have.

Why do I need a Business Promo Video?

You’ve spent a tremendous amount of time, energy, hard-work, and money into building your business. But if you don’t actually have any “business” then everything you’ve worked for will be in vain.

A Business Promo Video will articulate your unique approach, the experience your customers have had and the process you take to make life better for your prospective clients. No other marketing tool can help you clarify your message and visually engage new customers like video, which is why a Business Promo Video is so powerful.

How do I market my Business Promo Video?

Ideally, you should have it right at the top of your homepage and utilize it with all your online marketing like landing pages, social media, email marketing, retargeting, Facebook ads, and pay per click ads.

How long is a Business Promo Video?

A product video can range in length depending on the specific goals and importance of the product in your overall product offerings. However, by in large they are typically 1-4 minutes in total length.

Ideally, you don’t want to go too much longer than 3 minutes, as viewers will start to dramatically drop off due to the length. 3 Minutes gives you a long enough time to tell the story but short enough to keep people’s attention. The sweet spot is 1.5 -2 minutes in length. 

Types of Videos

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