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A voice over video is where we take a carefully crafted script and hire a professional voice talent to record the reading of it. 

Then, we incorporate that voice-over into the video as narration.

Instead of us conducting a traditional interview where we are asking questions in a free flow conversational manner, a voice-over script is crafted line by line and approved by multiple people at your business.

This is an ideal situation if you need to have the messaging approved by multiple people, or if you really want to ensure the video is a specific length.

Why You Need a Voice Over Video:

Voice overs are great because you can get the exact message that you want to the point where everyone within your organization has the ability to approve it.

It’s also a perfect alternative if you or anyone on your team is uncomfortable on camera.

Another great reason is voice sound.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the deep cinematic trailer sound or the sweet reassuring sound we’d want for our product or brand.

With a voice-over we get a core basis of the tone and feel your want and review hundreds of options for you so you can select from a core few that fit what you want perfectly!

How to Market Your Voice Over Video:

The great thing about voice over video is that it can be applied to virtually any type of video, whether it’s a business promo, service video, commercial, social video, and more.

If it’s a business promo, post it above the fold on your home page, if it’s service video make sure that it’s at the top of that page.

Leverage it with all your social media sites and consider using captions when you post it, because 84% of people don’t listen to sound on their social feeds.

This was our first time doing video so we were unsure about how all of it worked, but they had everything laid out and made it very easy for us. We had a clear schedule on what we were going to do, how long it was going to take and who need to be involved. We’re super happy with videos!

Whitney Katherine

Voice-over videos are great when you really need to articulate your message in a specific way. If you work at a larger corporation, or brand, where you’re more systems, focused rather than people focused a voice-over video is an ideal approach.
Depending on why type of video we’re applying a voice-over video for will dictate the best way to market it. However, by in large using it on your site, social media, advertising and email marketing are all great ways to promote your video.
A Voice Over Video can range in length depending on the specific goals and the story we’re trying to tell. However, by in large they are typically 2- 3 minutes in total length.

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