We get most of our business through referrals, why do we need videos?

If you get a lot of your business from referrals then you have to ask yourself, “Are people just coming in/calling from the referral, or do they go to my site and check me out first?”

If most people go to your site first, then having a video that further illustrates how you’re going to help solve their challenge and your unique approach will really solidify that referral for you.

We sell software, do we really need videos?

If you’re a company that sells software, it’s super important that you have multiple videos that highlight specifically how your software is going to help customers more effectively solve their challenges and reach their goals.

For your business promo video, you want to highlight the problem/pain they have and your solution—aka your software—and the result, what their life will look like when you help them solve that problem/pain.

You could also go into more specific details with separate videos on how one particular feature works and how it will help them. Additionally, you could create FAQ videos and customer testimonials on how the software helped them save time, money or help increase their workflow or productivity.

I’m just a solopreneur why do I need a video?

As a solopreneur, you are your business. People are working with you directly from start to finish, which makes it incredibly important for you to be able to humanize your business and give them a sense of who you are, your style, and your approach to your area of expertise.

With any business, the goal is for the prospect to know, like, and trust you, Video can increase the speed of trust better than anything else.

We don’t have anything interesting , why would we need a video?

You may not think you have an interesting product or service, but there is a reason why people choose to buy from you rather than from others.

Maybe it’s the care for your clients, your affordable pricing, or some other unique selling proposition you have that differentiates you from others in your market.

Our goal in creating your videos is to highlight those differentiators and more effectively humanize your business so you can connect with prospects. Regardless of what you do, the story of your unique approach to helping customers achieve their goals is your story.

Why can’t we just make our own videos?

Yes and no. Yes, you could certainly create a video. All you need is a phone and—“Tada!”—you have a video.

However, this is your life’s work, and chances are you’re incredible at your craft. So, instead of taking on an entirely different skillset, buying expensive gear, learning software, understanding storytelling and an array of other things that takes years to master. Focus on what you do best, and let us help show the world how amazing you are.

I own a franchise, why would we need videos?

Even if you own a franchise, it’s your personal responsibility to go beyond just the national marketing that corporate typically provides.

You can take your territory to a whole new level when you empower salespeople with great video content, run ads to your videos, and educate customers better than anyone else in your market.

We’re a B2B business, why do we have to have videos?

Even if you’re a B2B you still have customers. They have pain points, and your product or service should have a solution. Having an array of high-quality videos that help illustrate what you do to help your customers and what their life will look like once you’ve helped them is a must.

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