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We’re on a mission to help business connect with their customers through the power of great story & strategic marketing.


Creating amazing videos since 2010

Mosaic Media Films all started with Mark Wonderlin, who combined his artistic ability to create video coupled with his marketing experience.

He was obsessed with creating remarkable videos that connected with the audience on a deeper level and helped guide his clients through the best marketing strategy so they could help more people with their products or services.

Fall in love with our customer’s customer

mark Mosaic Media Films

Mark Wonderlin
CEO & Founder

Mark has a lot of “markisms,” but perhaps the most powerful is the direction he gives to his team on every project.

“In order to tell a really compelling story that will connect with the viewer, you have to think and deeply feel what it’s like to be in their situation.”

Close your eyes and imagine what life is like for them, what are the thoughts racing through their mind, what are the feelings they are struggling with, what are the things that keep them tossing and turning in bed, and what is the pain they are currently enduring.

Don’t think of them looking as a spectator; become them, feel what they feel. Fall in love with our customer’s customer. Because this is who the video is truly for and the person we hope to a positive impact on their life.

Our core values

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We do what we say we’re going to do & we’re accountable – we go above & beyond what’s expected.

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Constant Communication

We clearly communicate with each other & our  clients on a constant basis

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BIG Heart

We’re incredibly grateful to  work in the video industry with passionate businesses.

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Grow Daily

No Egos – we grow personally & professionally every day


We don’t just create corporate videos to promote more products and services.

For us, it goes way deeper. We always put ourselves in the mind of the person watching the video and the challenges they are facing.

We create videos that resonate with them on a deeper level and encourages them to take action with our client and move them one step closer to positively impacting their life.

The driving force of us creating videos that “convert” is directly proportional to the number of lives we can positively impact.

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Meet the people who make it all possible

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Mark Wonderlin


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