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Did you know that the average Facebook user in America is on Facebook for 40 minutes per day? ( As hard as it may be to believe, the fact is more and more people are spending a huge amount of their day on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIN and more. So, as a business, it’s incredibly important to be “where the eyeballs are” and with social media becoming a part of our daily route, having compelling content on there isn’t a recommendation it’s a requirement. You can post photos, have quizzes, make status updates and an array of other things to connect with your audience on social media. However, having a series of video content on your Facebook page is incredibly vital to your success. In fact, video content gets shared 12X more times than photos ( and 65% more social engagement ( Simply posting your videos whether they are promos, service, or customer story video is great. However, optimizing your video for this unique audience is more ideal. When people are on social media, there is an endless feed on content from both friends and businesses. Therefore, it’s harder to capture their attention because everything else is competing for it. With your social media videos the focus should be shorter video that highlight just a couple things to grab their attention that will help create curiosity to enquire more or watch the full length of the video. This way you can drive them to your website where you can provide more information about what they are interested in, capture their information or encourage them to reach out. Another excellent strategy when creating social media specific videos is the format. The industry standard widescreen size is great for TV and websites, however, a social media feed, particularly on a mobile device, is more square and vertical in size. Therefore, creating a square aspect ratio for your video takes up more space on their computer or mobile device and allows you to put more content within the space. When we create this style of video that’s optimized for social we’ll put the logo at the top, the video is in the middle followed by a call to action or offer on the bottom. Alternatively, we could even manually burn-in captions on the bottom. By doing this, it allows mobile viewers to reach the words spoken without having it hear it through their speakers. Think about it, have you ever seen a video on Facebook that caught your eye, but you were waiting in line or around a lot of people and didn’t feel comfortable pressing the play button, only to have the audio blast through your speakers? If the answer is yes, then having captions is the way to go.

Mark and his team are super fabulous collaborators. Their process for creating and editing videos – so necessary in today’s world – is the best I have seen so far and I have worked with many production companies throughout the U.S. and New York City. The crew on set is incredibly professional with great eyes and ears for detail. The team is fun and thorough. I highly recommend Mosaic Media Films for anyone who needs a professional video crew and post-production/editing.

Sumukhi Devi

The goal of a social media video is to capture the viewer’s attention with enough information so they’ll take the next step and watch a longer video or engage with your further. So, you’ll want to keep them short and typically under 60 seconds. The majority of social media specific videos that we create are often between 20-30 seconds as the ideal length.
If you’re on any social media platform, then having social media videos is a must. They help increase engagement, comments, likes, and conversion. Ideally, you should have your social media videos optimized for the platform they are being posted on test out different offers, promotions, and calls to action to see what performs the best. At Mosaic Media Films, we can help you make a one to three minute business promo video that cuts through the noise on social media pages, helps you connect with current and potential customers, and gives your viewers a positive impression of your business. Let us help you create a video that offers a boost to your marketing plan and connects with the right customers.
These videos are specifically optimized for social media, so ideally the best place to have them is on your social media platforms. Specifically, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. When you’re posting it online, make sure to create an engaging post that starts a conversation or highlights a specific offer.

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