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An instructional video is simply a video that explains specific steps
that a user needs to take in order to install, build or complete a task you’re teaching them.

What is best about instructional videos is that viewers are able to see and hear clearly the type of content they’re watching.

Additional graphics and animations can really illustrate the context in a way that traditional photos and text are just not capable of doing.

When you combine video, with animated graphics and a great voice over – you have the receipt for a great instructional video.

Why Do You Need an Instructional Video?

Instructional videos are so powerful because they have the capability of educating the viewer in a way that can’t be accomplished with traditional photos and text.

When you take great live action footage and reinforce that with graphics and animations,
it further helps illustrate the information and can help minimize the needs for customer service assistance.

Instructional videos are a great way to increase the overall experience of the product or service with the customer while minimizing returns.

Where Do You Put an Instructional Video?

Make sure to put your instructional video wherever it is relative to the product or service!

If it’s an instructional video on a product make sure to include it in the product detail and use it on other sites that are selling your product online.

Depending on the product or service we’re creating an instructional video for, you can even have a specific page dedicated to instructions.

I was, at first, apprehensive to be in front of the camera. Mark immediately put my mind at ease. I was relaxed and comfortable, like visiting with a childhood friend. The finished product was better than I could have imagined. Professional, from start to finish.

  Tom Bergstrom

If you have a product that needs to be assembled or installed an instructional video can help tremendously in showing and explaining the steps your customer needs to take. This will create a better overall customer experience, reduce customer service time and decrease the cost of printed instructions.
An Instructional Video is ideal to use on product detail pages, email marketing, social media, and promote through traditional paperwork upon purchase of the product.

An instructional video can range in length depending on the content you’re explaining but most often they are less than 3 minutes.

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