VIDEO: The Silver Bullet Of Marketing

Are you thinking about video for your business? Maybe, you’re not sure if it will work, what videos to create or how much it will cost. In this short yet powerful read, we’ll explore all of that and you’ll have a clear direction on video for your business.

About The Book

Are you incredible at your craft but you feel like you’re spinning your tires in the mud and just can’t build the momentum to grow your business? Maybe you’re making the right decisions but you’re just not getting the sales conversion you’d like. If that’s the case then you’ll get some incredible insights into why video is the silver bullet of marketing and how it can enhance the experience for your customer, increase sales and give you a huge competitive advantage.

In this book, we’ll explore the core elements that make up a great business video that converts. We’ll dive into some compelling data about video as a marketing tool, discuss different types of videos, how much it should cost how to get started and address some common questions you might have. If you’re looking to take your marketing and business to the next level, sit back and enjoy this light read on Video: The Silver Bullet of Marketing.



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Mark Wonderlin

Mark Wonderlin is a business filmmaker with over 10 years experience who’s combined his passion for art and creativity with his background in sales and marketing to offer his clients a style of video that is equally artistic and strategically designed to create conversion.

What’s Great About The Book

Great Ideas

You’ll learn in-depth the power of video

Real World

Real world examples & work

Data Driven

Backed by awesome data


Easy Read

Concise info & easy to read

Video Example

Reference video examples throughout


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Awesome read and super powerful! If you’re thinking about doing a video for your business this is a must-read.

Joey McGirr – Marketing Specialist

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Available Fall 2018


The how-to guide to marketing your high-quality videos online

Having a great series of videos is only one-side of the coin. The equally important part is marketing your videos online to get maximum exposure & sales conversion.  In this upcoming book, we’ll explore an array of things you can do to increase your video success.

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