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Experience the highest-rated Austin video production company
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We Create Videos That Help You Increase Sales 

  • Live Streaming Events
  • Business Promo Videos
  • Customer Story Videos
  • Branded Education Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • And More!

Connect With Your Audience


Out Market Your Competition


Increase Sales

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80% of your customers would rather watch a video.
Without videos, you’re losing sales.


Out Market Your Competition

Rise above your competition with high-quality videos

Connect with your customers

Connect on a deeper level to help increase engagement

Increase Sales

increase sales and conversion with video


Many business owners are concerned that professional video may be out of their budget. At Mosaic Media Films we believe that video should be high-quality & affordable for every business. With this one-time investment can help you connect with your clients, increase sales, and out market your competition for many years to come. 

Step One: Planning

We’ll plan a marketing-centric approach to your videos that focuses on sales conversion

Step Two: Production

We’ll professionally film & edit your videos using our proprietary 9-part story structure

Step Three: Marketing

We’ll help with you with marketing strategy & solutions to achieve your sales goals

Austin’s Highest Rated Video Production Company

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Jinny Oh

Mark provided us an incredible company video. My favorite part about working with him was that it was effortless on our end--he directed, scripted, filmed and edited the whole thing. The input from us only came on the editing portion, the rest were in his hands. Loved how it turned out!

Owner - Wander

Elise O’Connell

Mark has great attention to detail and beautifully captures the story you are trying to tell. He is thorough, efficient and delivers a fantastic finished package.

Owner - Woodhouse Day Spa, Cedar Park

Jason Shelden

The team at Mosaic delivered! I want sure exactly what I wanted or needed but they covered my event, interacted with our clients, and produced a recap video that was top quality, and is being used currently for prospects statewide. Great work..!

Owner - Real Producers

Dale Fortenberry

Just had my first experience with Mark and his team. Mark was great at making me feel at ease while he filmed me. He and his staff were great to work with.

Owner - Texas Wine Tours

Billy Melot

Mosaic Media Films is by far the best video production company in Central Texas. I really enjoyed working with Mark and the team. They made the entire process simple and easy, and their price point is astounding. We met initially and discussed my company’s needs, then we planned the logistics of the video production, and then met on location and filmed our commercial. The final product was perfect. I could not be happier with it. I love the way they incorporated all the testimonials and created such a great looking and educational video on my sleeping product. I plan to use Mosaic Media again and continue to refer them to everyone.

Owner, The Sleep Cycle System

Get to know us in 45 seconds

About Mosaic Media Films:
– Crafted over 2,500 videos
– Austin’s highest rated on Google
– Over 5,000 people in video training course
– Personally mentored over 100 filmmakers
– Proprietary 9-Part Story Framework
– Take a marketing-centric approach to video

Your life’s work deserves better than “Good Enough”


Good Vs Great
A poorly produced video can negatively effect the perception of your company. Viewers subconsciously see a poor representation of your brand, and equate that to your actual services. It may be more cost effective to get a cheap poorly produced video at first, but it’s detrimental to your overall brand image and growth.

About Mosaic Media Films

Every day businesses waste thousands of dollars on marketing that doesn’t give them the result they want. At Mosaic Media Films, we create videos that turn viewers into buyers so they can connect with their ideal customers and increase sales.


What Are We Doing Differently?

  • Reduced number of team members on set
  • Wearing masks on set as needed to minimize contact
  • Minimizing contact with surfacing and primarily handline gear only
  • Filming in closed environments like home, garages and studios

Kids at Home?

We understand that you might have your kids at home, and we want to help you out! We have crew members on set who have proper certifications to watch your children while we are on set! No need to take them to daycare for the day.

Mosaic Media Films is #CovidConscious! We’re taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and our employees.

Our Services

Austin Video Production

Mosaic Media Films specialize’s in helping businesses use the power of video to tell better stories, connect with their customers, and enhance their marketing efforts.

Our team offers a wide variety of video services including videos that promote your business, provide information on a specific product, help explain the customer journey, or social media videos that are optimized for specific formats to ensure maximum views and help you gain new followers.

We always work with you to understand your company and your goals in order to help you create the right types of video content for your customers and your brand. We can help you determine the perfect combination of video in order to achieve your goals. From a single video to a full video content strategy, we work in partnership with you to bring your ideas to life and use them to grow your business.

As the premier video production company in Central Texas, we offer our customers creative visual services that take their marketing and their businesses to the next level.  Each team member at Mosaic Media Films is a highly skilled video professional with deep experience providing the quality business video production business owners expect. Our team is ready to use our experience to provide you with the video services you need to enhance your marketing efforts and meaningfully connect with your customers.

Business Promo Video

Business promo videos should be the main component of any company’s marketing plan. This video offers your customers an opportunity to get to know more about you, your company, and why you are different from your competitors. This video type offers a stunning visual overview of your company in the perfect length and medium for your audience. From interviews and testimonials, to visuals, a business promo video offers your company a chance to show off what you do and memorably connect with your clients.

Don’t let the important information about your company get lost on a boring “About Us” page. A business promo video is the best way to visually engage your customers and actually show them why your company is the best fit for them.

We recommend promo videos that average three minutes and tell your story while understanding your audience’s attention span. In just three minutes, we can help you cut through the noise, connect with your customers, and leave them with a lasting impression of your business. This video type offers an instant boost to your marketing strategy and helps fill out a successful content plan.

Customer Story Video

Customer story videos are the best way to show your customers what working with you is really like. There is simply no substitute for a video of a satisfied customer raving about your company, product, or service. Let prospective clients see, firsthand, what to expect from their partnership with you in a customer story video.

While text based reviews can help boost your company’s credibility, they lack the power and authenticity of a professional video. One well produced customer story video is worth dozens, if not more, written reviews. Offer your prospective customers the opportunity to see and hear about your business via an interview and testimonial from a former customer.

We will work with you to review your business’ target market and demographics. From there, we will help you determine the best candidates for an effective customer story video.  Ranging from 1 to 4 minutes, this video type is a powerful part of your marketing strategy and is flexible enough to be used on your website, landing pages, email campaigns, or social media pages.

Product Video

A product video is quite simply the best way to market a specific product to your customers. Similar to a business promo video in its depth, a product video offers a detailed look at a single product and helps your customers understand it why it’s right for them.  Help your audience clearly visualize how your product works, its benefits, and how it fits into their life.

You’ve already spent a significant amount of time on research, development, production, and packaging – don’t let a dry marketing strategy keep your product from finding buyers. With our creative product videos, we help audiences clearly see what you are offering and how it benefits them. Our team will work with you to determine the best way to show off what your company has to offer and do it in a way that brings buyers to you.

Ranging 1-4 minutes in length, the best product videos offer your audience creative visuals and keep your ideal customer’s attention.

Social Media Video

Social media is where your customers are spending their time. With the average daily use of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube climbing every year, it’s important to ensure that you are offering effective and eye-catching content on your social media platforms. Because of social media marketing’s popularity, it can be noisy. Cut through the string of boring static posts with a professionally produced and attention grabbing social media video.

Once a prospective customer lands on your social media page, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention and share valuable information about your business or brand. Video is a proven way to get and keep their attention.

Also, no other content type can compete with video on social media. It gets more likes, more views, and is shared more often than text posts or photos. All of that translates to more eyes on your video, more attention for your brand, and more customers for your business.

Our experienced team can help you create beautiful, professional videos and optimize them for a social media audience. We keep the focus on proper size and format, stunning visuals, and ensuring that you have a well-defined call to action, and visible logo. We can also include captions for customers who may be viewing social media videos without sound. We will work with you to truly understand your audience and goals and then bring the full breadth of our experience to help you create the best possible social media videos for your brand.


9- Part Story Structure

Our proprietary story structure helps you engage, educate and convert.


We Know Marketing

Our proprietary story structure helps you engage, educate and convert.


Beautiful & Affordable

We create agency quality work at a fraction of the cost


Cinematic Approach

We’re not just creating “videos” we’re developing stories that connect


Non-intimidating Crew

We have fancy gear, but we don’t believe in overkill that’s intimidating and overwhelming.


Simple & Streamlined

We’ve developed a simple 3-step process to getting your videos created and online