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The team at Connected Athletics approached us with their business model and we were immediately excited to hear more. We loved the idea and concept and really wanted to be a part of their empowering approach to recruiting. 

The primary goal was to create a compelling video explaining what the RAW app does and connecting with youth athletes by showcasing what it can do for them. 


After several calls, zooms and strategy sessions we landed on creating a primary promo video about the RAW app and a supporting social media video. 

We arrived at this because the primary goal was to connect with youth athletes and build up the foundation of users on the app, with a secondary objective of using the video for investor pitches. 

Starting with the youth audience in mind, we needed to structurally create the videos in an educational way, while simultaneously highlighting the energy of the sports and making them visually appealing to a younger audience. 

We leveraged our 9-part story framework for the primary promo and immediately addressed the problem in the market and the challenges that youth athletes face when trying to get recruited. 

Through the high-energy video, we highlighted some of the core features of the RAW app, how it works and what life will look like when youth athletes use the app. 

The social video was designed as a supporting short-form social video that would drive traffic to the longer-form video and the call to action to download the app.


Once the videos were completed, the team at Connected Athletics used short social media on Instagram and TikTok to reach the youth athletic audience. 

That video then drove them to the longer form video and app download page. Once they started using the videos downloads went up by 54% and they had over 15,000 new athletes on the app. 

That gave them the data and momentum to pitch the program to investors so they could take the app to more cities and multiple sports and start working with universities.

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