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What is an Animation Video?

Animation videos come in many forms. The video can be all animation with text, graphics and illustrations or it can be a combination of video footage and animation elements.

The use of animation can make a significant impact on your viewers and leave a lasting impression. Our primary goal for animation videos, is to further educate and engage your audience.

Why Animation videos?

Animation is a great tool to use when you’re trying to articulate information that can be difficult to understand. They help reinforce the information that’s being introduced in the video and make it easier to follow.

With full animation, there’s no need to get b-roll or interviews. Making it more convenient for you and often less expensive.

Where Can I Put These Videos?

You can leverage these videos by putting them on your website, social media platforms and email marketing campaigns.

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Animation videos are ideal in articulating and educating information that’s more difficult to understand. They also add a much higher level of value to the video and help reinforce the information you’re talking about. In many instances and full animation video whit, no footage can be less expensive than a standard video with interviews and “b-roll.”
Depending on why type of video we’re creating the animation for will dictate the best way to market it. However, by in large using it on your site, social media, advertising and email marketing are all great ways to promote your video.

An Animation Video can range in length depending on the specific goals and the information/story we’re trying to tell. They can be a short as 15 seconds to as long as a 3-minute story that is often referred to as an “explainer video.”

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