What is A Brand Video?

What is A Brand Video?

Using a video to represent your business can help you accomplish many goals. First and foremost, they set you apart from your competitors and really catch your audience’s eye right away. Secondly, not only can it increase engagement with your customers, but also helps your company establish your brand and spread that message. It can also be used as a great way to educate internally or externally. The possibilities are endless!

We are going to create several blogs that break down the different kinds of videos. Today we’re going to talk about Brand videos!

Brand Videos

Unlike standard commercials, brand videos aren’t about selling anything at all. Instead, they’re about promoting some kind of message or mission. These videos focus on connecting with your audience emotionally, by using a motivating and inspirational script. They also help with solidifying the voice of your brand.

So why would you and your business want to create a brand video? To help build awareness for your business and allow you to connect with customers.

Sarah Viral #7 from Mosaic Media Films on Vimeo.

Here are some key things that make Sarah’s brand video so powerful:

  • The focus isn’t about a product or her. It’s about her message
  • Her passion for the topic shines through
  • Her message is something many can relate to
  • Video is short and concise
  • Combination of visuals, music and script creates a compelling story

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