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“It’s been one of the main reasons why we’ve been so successful and grown so fast in the last couple of years is because of him and his videos. It’s been one of the best things that we’ve done with in terms of building our business. That’s every customer we ever talk to or contact or dealer, they always come to us saying, “”We saw your video.”” It’s not only the quality that he does, but mixing it with our craft and our nostalgic… What we do. It is the perfect marriage and I think that’s why everybody… I mean everybody says, “”We saw your video.”” That’s the first thing they say and it goes from there.

It’s on our retail side, on our wholesale side, on our commercials, on our sister sites, brothers sites, everything, we got all our craftsmanship videos on everything, and that’s our main driver of customers and interest. And our mail order company, which is kind of what started with him, we quadrupled our business in the last two years because of these videos. What I’ve told a lot of people is you will get the highest quality video for the cheapest price. I mean, really, for what he does, I can’t believe the prices he charged us anyways. It’s come back tenfold for us.”

We worked with Mark a couple years back to make some promotional videos for one of my clients. I also worked with Mark on a promotional video for my own company. Each time I have worked with Mark, I have been extremely impressed with the quality of work, his process that makes things easy for the client, and the professional quality of the videos. I can not recommend Mosaic Media enough.

  Trish Lee

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