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“So I’ve worked with Mark on several projects, owning an agency myself, my background of working with other clients and trusting other clients, Mark with some of my clients has been a godsend. Mark doesn’t only bring great creativity but he understands marketing, which it’s missing with a lot of videographers. And what I love about Mark is he brings his whole energy, he brings in ideas that help to make a sale, which is that these videos should be, to make a sale.

The work that we collaborate on has always had a big success, and the return on investment is crucial. And every one of the projects that we worked on together have been successful, have been successful in the amount of views, and then successful in the click-through, and successful in the spiking in sales afterwards. So customers have loved it. I’ve sold one project and it usually turns in three or four after that because of the success that we’ve had with.

Did a huge project for the government on a series of videos on the constitution, and the reviews that we got back a year after the videos were released was the test scores of the students had on the constitution were up. And we not only shot the video, we created the content. So the all they gave us was titles. And between Mark and I and another writer, we developed the content, and the whole process was amazing. To this day, probably going to be one of the staple projects that we talk about.

The one line review is you would be crazy not to because Mark is going to give you every little bit that he has of himself and that’s what you need, and Mark will do it for you.”

We always feel confident when we bring Mosaic Media on to work with us on our projects.His high energy coupled with his attention for detail always results in fantastic results. You can find a great videographer anywhere, but finding someone that understand messaging as well is a grand slam. You will not be disappointed by calling on Mosaic Media.

  Gilbert Sauceda | Color Factory

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