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“Mosaic Media and Mark did our story. So I would say our company’s story, our mission, vision, and value statement, and really executed it quite well.

They love the videos. We also do all of our pre-boarding and onboarding for any internal candidates that come to work for our company. We kind of, our mantra is have them go look at the videos to find out a little bit more about who we are and their responses are always great.

Video downloads and conversion rates. I mean, we do use them for some conversion rates. For us, it was really just making sure that our story was out there and that people knew who we were, and why we do what we do, and to get the essence of the company and what we’re about.

For us, they did the unimaginable. We had to come up with a one and a half minute clip of our story about who we were for a contest. It was actually for an upstart entrepreneurial contest. And we actually ended up placing in the top three because of the video.

And Mark did this, I think I gave him one week notice. He came and shot in one day, had it turned around and to me and edited within two days, and we were able to submit. So that was pretty exciting for us. It was just, for him to be able to accomplish that and get that done in a short timeframe, I think is a testament to how well he does what he does.”

We always feel confident when we bring Mosaic Media on to work with us on our projects.His high energy coupled with his attention for detail always results in fantastic results. You can find a great videographer anywhere, but finding someone that understand messaging as well is a grand slam. You will not be disappointed by calling on Mosaic Media.

  Britanie Olvera | Building Team Solutions

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