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“My experience with Mark’s always been great. I’ve known Mark seven or eight years. Mark as a client of mine and we met networking out and about Austin and got to be close friends real quickly. Mark’s a great guy, has this super eye for what he’s doing. Started working with him on a couple of my own clients that I brought him into to do the work for us and he’s always been spectacular. I think over the years I’ve referred him probably a dozen times.

The videos that Mark’s done have always been so professional. He always takes two or three extra steps than most videographers have that I’ve worked with in the past. And he really has an eye not for only for detail but also for the story. He puts something together that you don’t need a lot of explanation for. Many videos try to get there a little too quick without the storytelling, and I think that’s one of the things that sets him apart.

The videos my clients have used have always gotten real good results and many of them have used Mark more than once. Obviously the type of action that videos will get you out doing SEO is high. Over the years that’s even become more important and I’ve only heard nothing but good things which is why I keep referring him. “

I’ve been working with Mark and Mosaic Media Films for many years. They are my #1 recommendation for video and film services and I never hesitate to refer them. The service and responsiveness is second to none and Mark’s creative eye is an enormous value. I highly recommend Mosaic Media Films and Mark!

  Brad Closson | Connective Management

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