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“I think that Mark is a consummate professional. He’s very, very good. I’ve been in the world of video and television and film and all that for many, many years, he actually worked with a client of mine, Austin Dental Spa, and actually I walked in the first day I had been contracted to work with Austin Dental Spa concerned that it wasn’t going to be a good experience. And what I ended up having happen is that I was really pleasantly surprised watching Mark work with his team, wonderful equipment, wonderful presence, great way of dealing with clients. It was great.

The videos that Mosaic Media Films did for my client Austin Dental Spa are extraordinary. I think they’re really at the top of their game. Really, truly. There’s such a beautiful aesthetic to them. They go right to the point of what they need to convey to the consumer, and he did a super job. Lots of feedback regarding the videos that we’ve decided to put on our Facebook page, home page, on the website, that type of thing. And people really like it. They think it presents a really feel good kind of presentation and conveys Austin Dental Spa’s personality quite well. If you’re looking for a high-end production with excellent editing, great end product, Mosaic Media Films is who you need to call.”

This was our first time doing video so we were unsure about how all of it worked, but they had everything laid out and made it very easy for us. We had a clear schedule on what we were going to do, how long it was going to take and who need to be involved. We’re super happy with videos!

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