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Video Production

The short answer – it could be days, weeks, or even months depending on a few different things.

Our goal is to exceed your deadline in the most efficient and effective way that is consistent with your time frame.

If we know beforehand that your video is needed for a product launch, a conference, or a marketing campaign,we want to ensure that we get your completed video to you with enough time for you so that there is no stress about having it ready!

On average, most projects take one to three weeks to complete from start to finish.

The process is broken up into 3 phases: planning, filming, editing.


Sometimes planning can be a bottleneck depending on how many people are involved in the process.

If there is one to two people involved in the process, we can usually schedule something within a week.

However, if there are multiple people such as models, staff, or other on camera people might push the filming day off a couple weeks to coordinate everyone’s schedule.


This is the day where we bring your story to life. We’ll bring all the fancy camera gear, and you just bring the passion you have for your business.


We usually get an initial edit completed within one to two weeks. However, we could do it within one to two days to meet your deadline.

Once we send it off to you for initial review, depending on the amount of people that need to review it and the time it takes for them to watch the video will dictate how long the process extends to.

I have worked with Mark for several years and I keep coming back because of the great quality videos he produces. Mark is extremely professional and very meticulous with the work he does. I highly recommend his services if you need quality videos for your website. As soon as I posted the videos on my website the online engagement was unbelievable!

   Marlow McShan

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