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Video Production

If you’ve never worked with video before, you’re in great hands. We make it as easy and fun as possible for you.

The first step is planning.

This is where we are going to strategize with you on all the logistics of the shoot. By the end of the meeting, we’ll have a clear outline of our core talking points, ideal shots, and interview questions that we’ll need to craft your story.

Step number two is filming.

This is where we execute on everything that we planned. We’ll film interviews, testimonials, and film you doing what you do at your business.

The final step is editing the video. 

This is where you can really sit back, relax, and let us take care of crafting your story.

We use visuals, animation, and interviews to help educate your viewers to help turn them into buyers.

We walk you through every step of the process – Plus, of course – we are always available in any form of communication if any questions come up along the way.

Our goal is to create an easy and fun experience for you so that when we’re done you’ll have an array of videos that will help turn viewers into buyers.

So far the experience with this company has been nothing but fun and transparent. Our production will finish in the end of December and can’t wait!

   Michael Drebes

Here's how we do it

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So, schedule your free strategy session now. Don’t let the fear of a complicated process stop you from telling your incredible story to the world.