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Video Production

Great question.

Everything we create is tailored to your specific needs to target your audience in a way
that will resonate with them on a deeper level.

The videos we create can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars , depending on the size, scale, scope, and number of videos you need – will determine the cost.

The good thing is that the more videos that you create with us at one time will decrease the overall cost of each individual video.

For example, if we come out to film one video, the cost will be more expensive for that one video.

However, if we can maximize our time on filming day to yield more videos, it decreases the overall cost per video.

On average, we are thirty to sixty percent less expensive than the industry standard or a typical ad agency we’re able to do that from leveraging our priatary 9-part story framework and by having a great team of people that have skill sets in multiple areas of expertise.

So that means less time is spent in meetings and over staffing and more time is spent on creating a series of great videos. As a result you get a great experience, professional video and expectional value

Mosaic Media Films is an amazing company to work with. I’ve worked with them over the years and have had such a great experience and success with what they bring to my clients each time we’ve worked on a project together. Mark brings so much expertise to the table and I love that it’s a one stop shop. He and his team do everything from start to finish including script writing, brainstorming, filming, editing and implementation. 5 stars all the way!

  Kamryn Walden

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