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Allie’s Way


Allie’s Way is a non-profit organization created by Jamie White after the tragic death of her young daughter by a distracted driver.  Jamie, now a spokesperson, travels statewide to share her story with the goal of raising awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.

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We sat down with Jaime to discuss her Non-profit and her experience creating her PSA


For Jamie White as a spokesperson It was important to start her presentations  sharing the  story of how her daughter Allie was killed by a distracted driver.  But this was emotionally challenging for her and she needed to find a solution to tell the story in an impactful way to her live audiences. She also wanted to harness the power of social media to tell the story in a visually compelling way as well.


After several meetings and an in-depth strategy meeting, we decided the best solution was to do a public service announcement through a documentary short-form video with carefully and sensitively shot reenactments. 

We created a 10-minute length video and a 30-second social media commercial.  The longer video she could use at the start of her presentations but also be leveraged on social media sites such as youtube and Facebook to raise awareness and reach wider audiences.

We structured the interview questions for her that would allow her to tell the story, as well as let us use her voice as voice-over for the entire film.  We also incorporated an interview with the key police officer who was first on the scene of the accident. This allowed for an authentic and heartfelt retelling of what happened on a tragic day. 

The key element of the film was the reenactment of the accident, which was carefully shot-listed so that the story could be told to capture maximum emotional impact, but without any graphic or disturbing images. Careful editing and sound design were also used to dramatically tell the story.

Through the interview and filming we were able to tell the story of who Allie was and how she was treasured in her family, juxtaposed with the tragedy of the accident and the impact on the family – created a strong emotional and visual impact.


The final video has now been incorporated into Jaime White’s presentations nationwide and has also been shared in High Schools across the state.  It has also been shared to hundreds of viewers on  Youtube and Facebook, through both Allie’s Way pages and also video sponsors Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Passenger Safety KidSafe Initiatives website and social media as well.

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of Work






Client meetings


Shot list creation

Interview question development


Filming logistics


One-day filming

Location scouting

Interview with Jaime White

Interview with a police officer

Live action footage

Gimbal shots

Reenactment filming


Story structure

Interview editing 

Live-action footage editing 

Color Grading

Sound design

Lower thirds

Color Royalty free music

2 sets of revision

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