Now more than ever, the whole world is experiencing the beauty, kindness, and unrivaled expertise of medical professionals everywhere — but sculptor Ronadró has been implementing this into his artwork for over 30 years.

We recently partnered with the face behind the esteemed Ronadró Collection, an award-winning collection of visually striking sculptures made by Ronadró. These beautiful bronze and porcelain figures depict the story of who medical professionals are and what they do, and can be found in museums, medical universities, and hospitals in over 80 countries around the world.

Ronadró Collection and Mosaic Media Films

In a normal world, Diane, Ronadró’s wife and the leader of his business, would attend conferences all across the country where she would showcase and sell her husband’s amazing sculptures — but since she wasn’t able to do so this year, she came to us to shoot a video instead!

Promotional Videos

The completed videos are being leveraged across her social media platforms and marketing efforts, allowing her to make new leads, run promotions, and continue to build up the business while being unable to attend in-person conferences.

We had a blast getting to experience the beauty of Ronadró’s artwork in person — and if you want to experience it for yourself, give our latest video a watch!

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