Not all businesses require content marketing to sensationalize themselves. Some industries just don’t engage in attractive visual or written content. You probably know what we are talking about if your company is into selling medical supply management software or aircraft fasteners.

You might not want to lose out on all the increased sales and revenue that comes with an interesting blog post but it might not always be possible for an industry like yours.

This is where Video comes to your rescue! Video can give an instant uplift to the otherwise boring and simple content and turn it into a great, valuable piece of content.

Today, we shall be discussing plenty of creative ways you can involve video into your marketing strategies to create engaging content.

  1. Before Calling Yourself Boring, First Identify What’s Interesting About You.

The first and foremost thing to spice up your content before drafting your first video script or video concept is to think of everything that makes your company interesting and jolt it down on a paper.

There’s always something that makes a company or industry really important. For example, people might find a Waste Management company really “Eww!” but as a company, you must have an idea about what’s interesting about you like the new island that’s being created with the giant trash in the middle of the ocean. How and when did all the junk reach there etc?

Focus on questions like what’s keeps you excited about what you’re doing? Or how can you present this information to the world to interesting them? Why is it important to convey it to your potential as well as existing customers? If you consider answering all these questions before coming up with your content, what you bring to the table won’t be boring!

  1. Give The Front-Seat To Your Expertise But Remember To Make It Interesting!

You can start making videos once you determine what makes your company interesting and then creating videos around that. After all, you know your business well and what makes your business interesting to associate with! You can put all of this in an attractive video.

  1. You Do Not Have To Be Boring If You Think Your Industry Is!

The top-executives or TLs might be the best in their respective fields but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be equally good at expressing their knowledge. If you think your team members lack those “scintillating” presentation skills, you can hire a charismatic orator or spokesperson to spruce up the otherwise plain discussion.

Alternatively, you can create an “Event Video” presenting how interesting or fun it is for your team to work in this business/industry. By showcasing real people and actual personalities in your video, it becomes easier to catch the attention of the right user.

  1. Tell Real Stories To Make Your Viewers Feel Connected

Telling stories is one thing but bringing them to life is what actually matters. Video lets you tell stories in such a compelling way that simple blog posts cannot. Telling stories with a customer or employee testimonial and having real people narrate their own stories.

  1. Bring Life To An Otherwise Boring Topic By Showing The Subject In Action

Video lets you crop them without cropping the key points. This helps you engage the viewers who might not be interested in some specific bit of the video.

For instance, if you want to produce a brand video to highlight your company’s vision and mission, don’t only involve your CEO or spokesperson’s speech. Rather, portray your employees, customers, or business partners working and interacting together.

  1. Modify Your Approach To Traditional Content Formula

Your creative team really needs to think out of the box and spice up the boring bits because not all video types can bring life to complex subjects.

Suppose you’re filming your CEO’s interview for an FAQ video, try adding a little fun by maybe trying spicy hot sauces after every question. Though this idea has already been tried by First We Feast, you can copy this with a new twist or think of a completely new idea.

  1. Provide Value With Video

Creating a video is not just for the sake of having a video rather, it is important to provide something valuable to your viewers through the video. Understanding the needs of the customers and creating videos that will satiate their queries is what is called creating value for your customers.

You can create FAQ videos, how-to videos, tutorial videos, or DIY videos to solve your users’ problems and have them looking up to you whenever they feel stuck regarding something related to your brand.

  1. Transform A Conventional Technical Manual Into An Interesting Video Series

You’ll be creating a lot of technical content manuals while working in a technical industry. You can transform them into a rather interesting form using video series.

You can transform tech guides into tips-and-tricks videos or use a tutorial video to describe the full installation process step-by-step. Animation can be used to describe software, automation, or similar products or you can come up with new video ideas to turn your old content into fresh, interesting stuff.

Video Is The Army To The King Of Content!

With increasing competition in the business world, getting the right amount of attention is of utmost importance. Video can prove to be a masterstroke in the game of marketing and can help you realize your goals in a much effective manner.

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