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Video Production

An event highlight video showcases the experience of what it’s like attending the event for the people who haven’t physically gone to the event.

It’s a high energy edit that has exciting music and showcases the true experience that people have at the event.

It might display those that have already attended, speakers that have been involved, everything that reveals the experience!

Why You Need It:

Chances are,the goal of your event is to be able to continue to have the event on an annual or bi annual basis.

A highlight video is a great way to leverage future opportunities.

Let’s say you create a video for an event in 2020,you can utilize this video for the following year in order to capture the excitementand experience of what the event was like.

Where Do I Put The Event Highlight Video?

You can use the longer 2 minute video on your landing page, Youtube or the promotional page of your next event because it highlights what people can expect!

We can even help create an array of smaller social videos of the highlight that you can runs ads to,test, and create a pre-event launch strategy around to increase signups and awareness.

Mark did some videos for me, and they turned out really well. He is so easy to work with and we ended up with a really professional product!

  Cheryl McGirr

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