What is a Customer Story?

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When’s the last time you turned to a customer review to help you choose where to eat, what to buy, or where to stay during your vacation?

Everyone likes to see some social proof and that’s why sharing customer stories is a great way to connect with your audience by highlighting your customer’s journey and the experience they had when working with you and your company.

Customer story videos are also great because they’re full of authenticity.

What better way to get people invested in your product than by sharing real opinions and experiences from other users? when we start working with our clients, our first step is to understand your target markets and demographics at a deeper level,

The challenges, day to day life and how you helped them on their own personal journey.

Next, we pinpoint existing customers who fit that persona, and who’ve had a positive personal experience with your company

This individual is now the basis of your customer story video, and is brought to life via use of interviews, testimonials, and great visuals.

In other videos, it’s okay for you to talk about your company — but it’s so powerful to have customers talk about your company.

That’s why customer story videos are an essential video you need to connect with your audiences on a deeper level

Mark is awesome! He’s fun & easy to work with! He really knows his stuff & does great work at an incredibly affordable price.

  Kurt Kosted

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