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Oftentimes, companies or personal brands jump in front of the camera and start talking for a couple of minutes about a tip, strategy or even a compelling story.

The content might be great, but simply watching someone talk isn’t very compelling.

A brand education video on the other hand transforms a simple talking head video into an extremely engaging viewing experience.

Using a combination of scripted on-camera content, cinematic visuals, sound design, and animation helps transform those words into a compelling story that’s significantly more engaging to watch all the way through.

Why You Need a Branded Education Video:

When your brand image, engagement time and the experience you want to provide to your views is important – then a branded educational video is an ideal fit.

Rather than just watching someone talking in front of a camera, you’re creating more emotion and and viewers are able to connect with you message on a significantly deeper level.

Let’s take a look at the difference – here is the standard talking head video

So, just like I said, great solid content – but….

How do you feel about it?
Do you think you’d watch someone talking for three to five minutes?

Now, let’s take a look at that same clip, but now – using the branded entertainment video approach.

Now, what do you think? Was it more engaging to watch, were you able to follow the information better, did it have a stronger impact on you?

If so, then doing a branded educational video is the way to go instead of a traditional talking head video.

Where do I place Branded Education Videos?

Branded education videos are ideal virtually everywhere online that you market your video content..

So, your blog, social media platforms, social media ads, Youtube, landing page, or distribution through syndication.

Taking this approach to your educational content helps connect with your audience, elevate your brand, and better position you as a thought leader in your space

The team at Mosaic delivered! I want sure exactly what I wanted or needed but they covered my event, interacted with our clients, and produced a recap video that was top quality, and is being used currently for prospects statewide. Great work..!

   Jason Shelden

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