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Chances are you’ve spent countless hours envisioning your product, going through tooling, iterations of prototypes, making revisions, reviewing packaging, then finally to full production.

The 2nd and equally if not more important is marketing your product. Creating a 2 to a 3-minute compelling video that shares the journey of the product creation and explains how the product is going to help make the customer’s life better is the foundation of a product video.

We treat a product just like a business or a brand and focus on how it uniquely solves a problem or pain in the market, how it works and what the customer’s life is going to look like once they purchased it.

How long is a product video?

A product video can range in length depending on the specific goals and importance of the product in your overall product offerings. However, by in large they are typically 1-4 minutes in total length.

Ideally, you don’t want to go too much longer than 3 minutes, as viewers will start to dramatically drop off due to the length. 3 Minutes gives you a long enough time to tell the story but short enough to keep people’s attention.

Where should I market my product video?

Product videos are ideal to have on your product detail page, landing pages, social media, email mail marketing and Facebook and pay-per-click ads.

Why do I need a product video?

Getting a product to market is extremely difficult, time-consuming and is a long challenging road. However, all that hard work goes to waste if a customer doesn’t clearly understand what’s so great about it and why they should spend money on it.

That’s where a compelling video comes in. When a video is crafted well, it can take all the core features and benefits of the product and educate the customer in a way that will help them more effectively make a buying decision and convert.

Types of Videos

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