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Have you ever purchased a product on Amazon where the reviews swayed your buying decision?

Did you happen to see a video review of the product? Did that effect your buying decision?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, chances are your potential customers are going through the same situation with your business

If you answered yes to either of those questions, chances are your potential clients are going through the same situation with your law practice.

Having client testimonials or client story videos is an incredible way to help highlight the experience people can expect to have when working with you and your legal practice.

A well crafted client story video highlights the journey a client went through when working your law practice and what their life looks like now because you were able to help them through their personal journey.

Most people don’t want to “be the first” so by having client story videos they act as social proof; that someone in a similar situation to theirs was able to overcome the same challenge they are facing by working with you and your legal practice.

When creating a client story video we’ll identify your target market and specific demographics.

Once we’ve established that, we’ll use an existing client who fits that persona and is willing to share their positive experience.

With the use of compelling visuals of the client plus interviews, we’ll craft a video that conveys their success story when working with you.

Client testimonials are so powerful, they can literally be used all over your digital marketing.

So your home page, about us page, a dedicated page for testimonials, service pages, in advertising, landing pages, social media and more.

To learn more about client story videos and how they can help your legal practice, set up a free strategy call with us today by clicking on the link below.

Amazing work. Very pleased with the communication and the process. The Quality of work it is something that I highly recommend for anybody who wants a great video production. Very professional company.

 Ramin Jahedi

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