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Chances are, there are those three to five questions that your business gets on a constant basis.

Yeah, you could have a page on your website with text that explains it, but in some cases this isn’t helpful enough for you customers.

What’s more effective is having a video that explains your questions in greater detail and also provides visuals, graphics and animation so the viewer fully understands the answer to their question.

Why Would You Do An FAQ Video?

Having a series of FAQ videos is a great way to educate your viewers on a deeper level.

But equally as powerful is that it dramatically minimizes the amount of time your team spends on answering the same questions.

Imagine……. saving hundreds of work hours not answering the same question, when a well crafted FAQ video can do it for you.

One super common question we all get is, “how much is it going to cost?”

Well if you’re a cosmetic dentist a traditional text FAQ might look like this.

“The average cost of cosmetic dentistry costs around $15,000 to $20,000 dollars”

Ok – it’s informative, you got the answer.

But – let’s take a look when that same question is converted to a video..


So do you see the difference? The doctor was able to provide some additional insight, show authenticity and the graphics and text help reinforce the information.

Where Do I put an FAQ Video?

Ideally, you want to place your FAQ videos in a spot where the question may actually come up.

So, if the FAQ is about a particular product or service you want to make sure it’s on that page.

You could even create a separate page on your website that has all of your FAQ videos.

In addition to that, you could put your FAQ videos on your contact us page to minimize those same calls and questions coming in.

We had mosaic media films create a variety of different videos for us every time we’re very pleased with the experience. They provided some great advice and suggestions on how to get the most views and ultimately help market the videos online. We knew what to do and how to do it and that helped a lot with our success.

  Thomas Lower

FAQ videos are a great way to streamline your process, educate your customers and provide a better overall customer experience with your brand. When coupled with a primary business promo video, service video or customer story video they are an inexpensive add-on to your package and provide a lot of value to your clients. FAQ videos are ideal to have in your video library, as they aide in educating customers in a more effective way, help alleviate concerns that arise and more effectively streamline your processes.
The best way to market your FAQs is through an array of online marketing efforts. You should have your top 3 FAQs on your home page along with dedicated FAQ page on your site. In addition to that, make sure to promote your FAQ videos on your social media sites and through email marketing.
Ideally you want your FAQ videos to be under two minutes with a sweat spot of 45-90 seconds. The goal is to provide enough information where the customer understands the content but short enough to where you’re able to keep their interest throughout.

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