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Are you answering questions to your customer on a regular basis? If you’re like most companies, chances are you’re responding to three to five questions on a regular basis.

Maybe it’s understanding your process more, getting a better handle on how it all works, understanding pricing or something else that your customers want to know before they are ready to purchase.

By creating a series of educational frequently asked questions videos, you’ll be able to ease your customer’s minds by articulating, illustrating and physically showing them all they need to know about the topic at hand.

Unlike, trying to explain something on the phone or in person a video can do a significantly better job of illustrating the information so the customer is able to physically see, hear and retain the information better.

For instance, as a fitness company, a common question could be: “I’ve tried programs before, what makes your program different?”

As the business owner, you could address those question head-on, and explain the core differentiates that you offer. You could physically show the exercises, program and nutritional guidance with compelling visuals. Then, you could reinforce the information with an animated checklist, text or other graphical animation that helps better illustrate the content.



Once your series of FAQ videos are complete, the next step is marketing them in an affective way. The first place to put them is your home page; they can be below the fold for viewers that scroll down and want more information from you. Another great place on your website is a dedicated FAQ or resources area of your site. This will allow users to go directly to the content and get all the questions they may have answered in one area. In addition to your site, you should also periodically post your videos on social media to help answer questions that people have, but they may not be actively seeking them at this point in the buyer’s path.  Another great place to showcase your FAQ videos is via your email campaigns. Here, you create a specific email or series of emails that address FAQs that come up as it relates to the topic that you’re talking about in the email.


FAQs are designed to go into more detail on a specific subject matter or question that you’re not able to fully address in your formal business promo or service based video. However, you ideally want to keep the video length to forty five to ninety seconds long. This gives you a long enough time to provide the information but short enough were viewers can still be nagged throughout.

Why do I need FAQ Videos?

FAQ videos are a great way to streamline your process, educate your customers and provide a better overall customer experience with your brand. When coupled with a primary business promo video, service video or customer story video they are an inexpensive add-on to your package and provide a lot of value to your clients.

FAQ videos are ideal to have in your video library, as they aide in educating customers in a more effective way, help alleviate concerns that arise and more effectively streamline your processes.

How do I market my FAQ Videos?

The best way to market your FAQs is through an array of online marketing efforts. You should have your top 3 FAQs on your home page along with dedicated FAQ page on your site. In addition to that, make sure to promote your FAQ videos on your social media sites and through email marketing.

How long is a FAQ Video?

Ideally you want your FAQ videos to be under two minutes with a sweat spot of 45-90 seconds. The goal is to provide enough information where the customer understands the content but short enough to where you’re able to keep their interest throughout.

Types of Videos

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