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“The line of work that my wife and I are in… We do murals, we paint murals. And so it’s definitely a video that we’ve shown to folks. It’s a video that’s on our website. I’ve shared it with other friends that do video work and they say, “”Man, that’s amazing.”” So I liked it. I felt like I was biased because it was about me, but other people have seen it and said, “”That was really great work. You did a fantastic job.””

My experience was awesome. It was pretty much just a video connecting with KVUE and they had different people in Austin. I didn’t know really what to expect. I was kind of nervous beforehand. Mark did a great job of putting me at ease. Mark did a great job of, I guess, just being warm, being someone that I felt like I could be myself. And so I feel like he brought out the best in me when he captured it well. His artistic eye and his knowledge of where to put the lighting, where to put the camera, all that stuff. I was really impressed with the final product.

I guess, in a way it’s validating. This artist must have something figured out if he has such a clean, professional video. If people are taking the time to capture his story, then he’s got something figured out. Whether I do or not, it appears to be that way. So in a way, people maybe take me more serious with my craft.

My one line review would be, a hundred percent, why wouldn’t you?”

Mark has an incredible artistic eye and a wonderful enthusiasm that translates perfectly in his work!! WE LOVE IT!!

Screenshot 2020 11 25 at 3.37.15 PM Mosaic Media Films Mike “Truth” Johnston | Professional Mural Artist

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