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“Mark has shot my wedding. He’s done non-profit work with me. He’s made a video for my own company. He’s made videos for dozens of my clients. So, it’s been a wonderful working relationship with Mark for many years. Working with Mosaic Media is one of the easiest things I ever get to do.

Working with Mark is like working with a professional company. It’s not like working with just a freelancer who’s going to come in with a high-def video camera, shoot it on tape. He’s going to come in, he’s going to ask the right questions. He’s thinking about the video from the end to the beginning and how you’re going to apply it, how you’re going to use it. I’ve worked with him in so many different scenarios, and it’s always interesting to see his professionalism and the fact that he really has a game plan when he comes in and starts shooting, instead of just figuring it out on the go.

Mosaic Media Films’ videos, they get seen. The videos that I have had them make for me, I get compliments on all the time, and especially the one from my own company. I know that my clients consistently remind me, over the years, how much they enjoyed the video that he’s made for them, and…”

I have trusted Mosaic Media Films for years to provide me with high quality business videos for my company and many of my clients. The owner, Mark Wonderlin, has not only been a good friend, but also a trusted business partner in marketing services through video. He’s the first person I recommend when someone needs video for their business (and every business needs video!). He knows his business and will help you figure out exactly what needs to be done to get the greatest result possible. You can trust Mark and Mosaic Media Films to give you the best quality product, on time and at the best price, every single time.

  Joey Mcgirr | Mcgirr Enterprises

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