As many times as we have mentioned this earlier, we shall repeat that this is an unpredictable and challenging time and equally tough for all of us to navigate through. The business scenario is experiencing a new landscape and many marketing efforts have been found to be ineffective or very difficult to execute.

Almost all forms of marketing have been affected, right from Event Marketing getting digital to using OOH advertising for pushing people back inside and even Video Marketing posing production challenges.

Before we delve into the solutions that can ease video production, we totally understand that not every brand prioritizes video marketing any longer. With the evident fluctuations in demand and resources, brands are forced to make tough decisions regarding what marketing element to prioritize.

For brands that are still interested in video advertising, the path ahead is vague and difficult. So, this article is an attempt to answer the questions of our audience regarding the types of video marketing tasks that can be pulled off in this new landscape.

Upon keeping a close track of the video landscape, we’ve come up with several ways of producing video content while following the Covid-19 guidelines and precautions. You can check them out below and reach out to us in case of any queries.

Edit Existing Videos

You’d be amazed at how your existing old footage can be used to develop great video content. Using your leftover past footage to create a full-fledged video with the assistance of a skilled editor can deliver wonderful results for your video content.

Alternatively, you can take and cut down existing footage and use only a small part as a small ad for a specific social media platform. This is a nice way to reuse an old clip giving it a fresh touch! 

Obtain User-Generated Testimonial Videos

The best way of having an in-person production is to obtain content from your customers. The authenticity of such user-generated videos adds a lot of beauty to your video content. 

Customers do not look for fancy content produced in fancy production studios. Rather, they look for something that they can connect with, and having your real customers share their views on your brand can create the maximum connection. As for the creation of such videos, your customers can just use their smartphones and they are good to go! 

Try Remote Product Shoot

Considering today’s scenario and limitations, we’ve come up with remote product shoot options for our clients. Customers can send us their products and we can stage and film your products in the best possible ways such that they’re presented in all their glory. This way you can ensure that your all health and safety guidelines are taken care of while filming video content for your brand. 

Animation Video Production

As per today’s environment, Animation Videos are the best option. They make use of basic pictures and graphics and manipulate them to create a sense of motion and come up with interesting video content. It is a method that is fun and easy and ensures that all health and safety measures are abided by during filming. 

Curate Stock Footage

If you think that the above options are not suitable enough, Stock Footage might interest you. Stock pictures might seem somewhat generic or cheesy to some customers but not all are like that. When you enter into the paid stock footage category, you’ll get better content. 

Initiate Pre-Production

Lastly, if nothing from the above list suits your goal, start your pre-production activities to lat

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