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Wish to receive the highest possible no. of views on your video? Watch out for the following video optimization checklist to have your videos discovered.

After Google, YouTube boasts of being the second largest search engine (Although it is owned by Google itself). Just the way optimizing your blog post is important to occur in the top pages of the search engine, optimizing videos for keywords is equally important to rank them better on YouTube and Google results pages.

Making the right use of these keywords makes your video more likely to rank better in the search engine result pages when someone makes a search using these keywords.

Below is s a checklist you can keep in mind before uploading any video to YouTube to ensure it’s properly optimized.

1. Optimize your video’s title

Make use of your video’s title to target your main keyword to maximize its click-through rate (CTR).
Try to include your target keyword in your title, ideally close to the title’s beginning.
Ensure that the complete title reads in an interesting and attention-grabbing way to facilitate an increase in the CTR. Try making use of some catchy phrases or words alongside your main topic. Refrain from being too clickbait-y, but focus on the eye-catching idea. For instance, below is a list of words shown to increase the CTR:
• How-To
• Free
• Easy
• Tutorial
• Fast
• #Tips/Ways
• Hacks
You can explore additional related keywords to use by entering a word or phrase in YouTube’s search bar. These related keywords are great as they aid you in seeing what people are actually typing on YouTube.

2. Add a video description

Reach for longer descriptions. Approximately 200-300 words will assist YouTube to get a better understanding of what your video is all about. Also, your video will have a better probability of showing up as a suggested video if YouTube can successfully identify its topic.
Include your keyword twice to four times in the description. You can also include time codes that involve these keywords to help people hop to the section of the video they wish to see.

3. Include video tags

Video tags aren’t as important today as they used to be in the past, but YouTube still permits them, so they are not totally irrelevant.
Try to include at least five tags that are relevant to your video. Make one of them your target keyword, and employ the suggested keywords related to it for your other tags.

4. Say your target keyword aloud in your video

Have you observed how YouTube attempts to caption most videos automatically? It might not get every word right, but impressively, it can understand most of the words used in most videos.
When YouTube identifies the target keyword in your video, it is an indication of your video’s relevance, so ensure that your keyword is said at least once or twice in the video.

5. Upload subtitles

You can assist YouTube to get words correctly by uploading a transcript rather than betting on their voice recognition.
Building the transcript yourself is one option, but nowadays, it’s easier and inexpensive to get an.SRT transcript files from many online services available for free. The transcript will assist YouTube in understanding the topic your video covers, and help it show up as a suggested recommendation.

6. Optimize for better Click-through-Rate

If a good no. of people search for a keyword and subsequently click on your video, the high click-through rate impacts your video’s ranking in a positive way. Along with doing everything mentioned above, you’ll want to do every possible thing to make your video’s preview as attractive as possible.
a) Use an eye-catching thumbnail.
Many YouTube channels make their thumbnails shine using attractive text, vibrant colors, and amazing graphics. That totally works wonders! Lots of viewers actually look at the video thumbnail prior to reading the title, so try to create a bright and eye-catching thumbnail.
Pro Tip: Use consistent fonts, colors, and graphics in all your thumbnails to maintain brand consistency. People will recognize your channel easily this way!
b) Grab viewers’ attention with your description.
We discussed video descriptions before, but we would mention them again as the first line (or the first 125 characters) of your video’s description is what shows up in the search results. Make this first line the most engaging and convincing part of your description to motivate the viewers to click.


Now your videos should be completely YouTube-optimized! If you haven’t tried optimizing your YouTube channels and playlists yet, bear in mind they also have fields for titles, descriptions, and tags. Follow these simple SEO principles when filling out your channel and playlist information as well and see your videos rank highly!

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