The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the business scenario across the globe and has left the businesses trying to adapt to the unprecedented business attitude. While trying to adapt, many businesses are looking at the experiences of China for insight.

China, being the first country to encounter the Covid-19 outbreak has been a few weeks ahead of the rest of the countries affected by the pandemic. This has left them with advanced reflections on how to deal with and curb the effects of the virus, specifically in the field of business.

A broadly-trusted global research firm, Gartner, is releasing reports that study and analyze the situation in China. It has released a report titled “How Covid-19 Corona Virus Has Changed the B2C Marketing Approach in China and What Western Brands Can Learn” which is relevant for marketers.

The report’s findings are suggestive of how video is crucial for brands to engage with their audience throughout this pandemic. Having said that, it is completely understandable that it is not the right time for a lot of businesses to spend resources on video production and we are not encouraging you to go for video production if it is not a priority for your business.

We’re facing the same problems that most of you are facing in learning the shift in consumer behavior and how it is affecting the marketing efforts of businesses. We’re trying to learn about the efforts that need to be maintained or replaced and to distribute this finding to improve our understanding of how marketing strategies are evolving post-Covid-19.

The fact that the audience is demanding fresh content throughout the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting the flow of video content. According to Gartner, the western countries are expected to see an increment in the online time of audience as experienced by China. China experienced an increment of 20% in January and February in the online activity of the audience. This is because of the social distancing measures and stay-indoors mandates.

The question that pops up here is, “What strategies to employ to engage with this online audience?” The report garners more importance as this question is one that marketing experts all around the world have been trying to answer for months now.

Gartner states that “As a source of information and entertainment, online video con

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