This year has brought in a great time for Video Advertising. Be it your phone, TV, bus displays, or local billboards, Video Advertising has reserved a place everywhere it is possible to upgrade to dynamic content.

Video has this quality of reaching people the way no other media can and it can incorporate content that is interesting, fun, and informative all at the same time.

Read on to find the top ten reasons why your business needs a video.

  1. Videos Are Educational

Videos can be used to teach people. You can use videos to train, educate, entertain, and explain all at once. If you’re trying to teach something complicated, video is the best option. It is a great way of grabbing interest and keeping people-focused. It allows you to use both—the audio and the visual elements together to convey your message in the best possible way. 

  1. Videos Earn Good Rank in Search Engines

Just publishing something online is not enough—it is more important than people are able to find it. Many Search Engines, including Google, consider videos easier to rank and highly relevant as compared to other blogs or articles. Try adding a relevant video to your existing blog post and watch how it impacts the organic traffic. 

  1. Videos Are Easier to Share Than Any Other Content

There are high chances that you have come across viral videos over the past months. This is due to the fact that it is very easy to share videos. Many distribution platforms support video sharing across different platforms. Even if your video doesn’t go viral, it is still sure to create more buzz than any other content, provided, it is relevant and well-written. 

  1. Videos Are Popular

Everybody absolutely loves videos nowadays. This is why YouTube alone garners billions of views every day. This renders video as the most preferred and natural way to reach an audience. A study suggests that people actually want brands to come up with more video content as opposed to images or texts. 

  1. Videos Are Mobile-Friendly

See everyone around you using mobile phones more than ever? Most of them are involved in watching videos. Recent researches suggest that mobile devices are increasingly being favored in the customer buying journey. Users use their smartphones to gather information, browse products online, make purchases, and whatnot. You can use videos on different mobile platforms to capture the audience. 

  1. Videos Add The Sense of Personal Touch

Videos provide you a chance to get personal and add a face to your brand. Using videos gives you a chance of building personal relationships with your customers, rather than just selling something. With the video tools becoming more robust, the ability to personalize content is getting more powerful. You can use DIY videos or consumer testimonials or fun stories to get more viewers engaged with your video. 

  1. Videos Are Cost-Effective

As a marketer, you always try to create an affordable as well as effective marketing strategy. Nowadays, it has become easier to launch a good professional video marketing campaign without burning a hole in your pocket. You can simply use your smartphone to film a basic video. Once created, it can be shared on multiple platforms like your own website, YouTube, Facebook, etc. 

  1. Your Competitors Use Video Too

All of the competitors are benefitting from videos and you must too! Don’t give them a chance of benefiting from you not using video for your promotion. On the offside, be the leader and make the best use of video for your brand if your competitors aren’t using it already. 

  1. The Results of Using Video For Your Promotion Are Measurable

To be sure if your marketing strategies are working well, you can use various analytics tools to track the performance of your videos. You can see the number of views, likes, and shares that your video received but there are many platforms that let you see metrics like the exact duration someone watched your video up to, providing deeper insights into your video’s performance and where you need to improve. 

  1.   Videos are Ever-Lasting

Once uploaded online, your video will last there forever, unless of course, you delete it explicitly. Users can still come across your video months or years later when they search for relevant keywords. It can contribute to your long-term success and open new horizons of brand promotion for you. 

Contact us if you’re ready to incorporate video in your marketing strategy and help us be a part of your success. We can help you prepare the best video content for your brand. 

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