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Mosaic Media Films is proud to offer professional Service Based Videos which help your business tell a compelling story about a specific service your company offers. These videos are an excellent way to highlight one or more features of your business and show potential customers how your company can help solve their issues or provide them benefits with your services.

When potential customers are interested in working with you, often times it may because of one specific thing you provide. Thus, having a compelling video that helps visually illustrate the specific service, what the process is, and how you’re going to make their life better are all excellent points to highlight in your service video. A service video can help take your customer from wondering about your services and your company would be a good fit, to being able to see you in action. A service video not only helps to advertise your service offerings, it can build connection and trust with potential clients.

For instance, if you’re a dentist – you could have one specific video that discusses a specific service like Cosmetic Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry, or Total Wellness Program. Service videos are a great way to help differentiate yourself from your competitors and take your customers on a deep dive of your service. Many businesses find it beneficial to have several service videos highlighting different aspects of their businesses targeted to different demographic groups. Having multiple business promo and service videos can be an effective marketing strategy and allow you to target your content to specific markets.

Working with Mark at Mosaic has been an excellent experience! We had Mark come on and help us with some editing. Despite the fact that Mark had a really tough deadline, he was able to pull it off. Everything was perfect and we were beyond happy. He’s been able to bring a level of creativity that we weren’t able to come up with on our own. Mark’s work has really leveled-up our content and marketing. I highly recommend Mark at Mosaic Media Films.

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Chances are you offer a lot of amazing services many of which are high-ticket or high-margin services. Offering a high quality, professional service video that articulates that specific service will allow you to be able to more effectively engage, educate and convert a viewer to a customer.

Service videos help attract customers, educate them on your services, and tell your story. Customers who can see and build a connection with a business and fully understand how their services will help them are more likely to reach out to that company. A service video lets your services speak for themselves to all potential clients.


Services videos are a fantastic addition to your homepage, the service specific page on your site, throughout all of your social media pages, campaign landing pages, retargeting, Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads, and your email marketing and newsletters.

Rather than a boring text explanation of what you offer, a service video shows your clients in real time what working with your company looks like. Videos not only attract more attention than text, they also create a visual connection, and help to build trust. Clients who have seen your service videos are already connected to your company before they reach out via phone or email. They’ve seen your video, understand your service and process, and are ready to proceed to the next step. Service videos strategically placed on your website, landing pages, and all social media pages can help bring warm prospects directly to your team without any extra effort. One video can be used again and again providing immense value to your marketing strategy.

A service video is typically between one to three minutes in total length. This length can vary depending on the amount of details you want to provide about your service, your process, and your company. At Mosaic Media Films, we have experience working with service videos and helping you create an appealing and informative video that keeps your customer’s attention and helps to provide them the right information to make a buying decision.

We always recommend making a concise and exciting video that informs, educates, and persuades potential customers to reach out to your company. We have found that on average a one to three minute video is the best length to achieve your communication goals and keep your audience’s interest.

Let the professional team at Mosaic Media Films help you create a memorable video that draws customers to your business and your brand.

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