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Mosaic Media Films is proud to offer our customers professional product videos. We know that creating the perfect product is a long process. Chances are you’ve spent countless hours envisioning your product, going through tooling, iterations of prototypes, making revisions, reviewing packaging, and finally in to full production.

The process doesn’t stop there. The next important step is to market your product to the right audience in the right way. The best way to market your product and get it in front of prospective buyers as soon as possible is with a high quality product video from Mosaic Media Films. We can help you create a compelling two to three minute video that shares the journey of the product creation and explains how the product is going to benefit your customers and explain why they should purchase from your company.

The foundation of a product video is to show the customer exactly what the product is and how it will work for them. We treat a product video just like a business or a brand video and focus on how that product is important and uniquely solves a problem or pain in the market, how it works, and what the customer’s life is going to look like once they have purchased it. Video is the best medium for showing your customers exactly what your product is and how it works.

A product video like a service video is hands down best way to convince your potential customers that your company and your product are the best solution for them.

Mosaic Media created and produced our company story. When I say they created our company story, its really and under-statement. I feel they were able to capture the essence of who we are in a series of short clips, allowing people to really understand who we are and why we do what we do.. To do it so well and to capitalize our strengths, vision and mission via a video in under 5 minute view time combined, to me was outstanding. Frankly I wasnt sure it could be done. To put it mildly, I was blown away. I would highly recommend Mark and his team for any video creation & production. His team is also very adept at answering questions and guiding you in the right direction. As they have continued to help us with our company video and video marketing platform.

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A product video can range in length depending on the specific goals and importance of the product in your overall product offerings. For a company with more than one product, we recommend making separate videos for each product in order to spend your video time effectively and not lose customer interest. Shorter videos work better at keeping a buyer’s focus, especially in noisy online spaces like social media. We specialize in making videos that cut through the noise, grab attention, and keep your buyer focused and interested in your product. On average, product videos then to be one to four minutes in total length. Based on our years of film and media production experience, we recommend that videos average around three minutes in length. This length of video gives you time to fully explain your products, its story, and its benefits without going past the average viewer attention span. Most viewers tend to lose interest after three minutes which is why we will use our skills and experience to help you craft a video that effectively uses your time in a way that gets the most important information in front of your clients while they are still actively engaged.
Product videos are ideal to place on your product detail page, campaign landing pages, all social media pages, email marketing and newsletters, Facebook ads, and pay-per-click ads. Since your product video is a visually enticing view of your product, it is the perfect way to attract attention on social media pages or in specific targeted ads. We recommend using your product video anywhere you have a digital presence as it gives your customers a dynamic and visually engaging opportunity to truly see your product and its benefits in just a few short minutes.
Customers can only buy a product that they know about. Our product videos allow you to connect with potential clients in a stunning three minute video that shows them the product and benefits. We know from experience that getting a product to market is an extremely difficult, time-consuming process. Marketing your product can feel like a long challenging road. However, all of your company’s hard work goes to waste if a customer doesn’t clearly understand what’s so great about your product, why it will benefit them, and why they should spend money on it. That’s where a compelling product video from the professional team at Mosaic Media Films comes in. We have years of experience creating the most visually engaging and compelling product videos on the market. When a video is crafted well, it can take all the core features and benefits of a product and educate the customer in a way that will help them more effectively make a buying decision. At Mosaic, our product videos don’t just show your product, they attract attention, educate the consumer, and convert them into buying customers. Let the professional video production team at Mosaic Media Films help you create the high quality product videos your company deserves.

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