12 Oaks Dental | FAQ | My kids hate the dentist

The team of 12 Oaks Dental is a dedicated practice, helping their patients not only with their teeth and hygiene but are equally concerned with their Total Wellness of the whole individual. They were a super fun, educated and caring group of individuals who are truly exceptional at what they do.

When we originally talked to the team at 12 Oaks Dental they were looking for a series of videos to create for their website and additional marketing. They are very active on Facebook,  have a great customer referral base and we’re going through a website redesign. They were interested in creating video content for their website to help with all of their online marketing and go along with the brand new website that they were getting finalized. The goal was to connect with customers on a deeper level and really solidify the referrals that they were getting from their current client’s recommendations as well as obtain new patients.  

In order to maximize the number of videos for their budget, we went with a 10 video package which consisted of a business promo video, four service videos, and five frequently asked questions videos. This amount of content gave them in a ray of different information that they could effectively educate their clients on their website and social media and utilize as great tools for email and SEO.

We carefully planned all the elements for the shoot and because the practice is already had short days on Friday we filmed both all day Friday and most of Saturday. We were able to successfully capture all of the interviews, testimonials, and visuals to support all of the 10 videos. We worked closely with the team in coordinating logistics, making sure all of the scenes were unique and showcased an array of team members as well as clients throughout the filming.

During the one and a half day shoot everything ran very smoothly because of the pre-planning and shot list created. With everything laid out properly, we were able to effectively get all the shots we needed to yield the 10 videos we planned for.

We then carefully crafted the 10 videos giving each one unique story while also keeping and maintaining consistency with the music, tonality and design language that is consistent with the brand and overall messaging for the target markets.

This specific video is one of the five FAQ videos that were designed to help educate customers on the experience working with 12 Oaks Dental as well as provide some additional insight into common questions that come up with general dentistry, the practice, and cosmetic dentistry.

In this video, the doctors address the question: “ My Kids Hate The Dentist” Dr. Worob & Dr. Barron talk about working with younger patients and the care and patience they have for them.

In fact, in another video that focuses on the multiple generations who have come to 12 Oaks, one of the sons talks about his traumatic experience falling and breaking his tooth and the process of Dr. Barron helping him that experience, making him comfortable and the great work they were able to do for him.

The team at Twelve Oaks Dental absolutely love all of their videos and utilizes them throughout their website and on social media. With their new website design, they successfully were able to utilize the video to its full potential and connect with new patients.

This specific video is ideal for supporting content on their homepage, a dedicated FAQ page on the website, helpful in email marketing and great social media educational tools.  

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