Imagine yourself looking for a new gadget online and you stumble upon one which is way cheaper than its counterparts but belongs to a brand you’ve never heard of. Apart from looking for reviews, what alternative do you have to learn more about the product and the brand in the best possible way? If your answer is a ‘product video’, now you know our point!
Be it a budding e-commerce entrepreneur or a big e-commerce tycoon, you would always need product videos to attract new customers, let them know about your brand, build confidence in their minds to purchase from your brand, and keep them satisfied.

A product video is a video specially tailored to highlight the features, specifications, and qualities of a product. It helps entrepreneurs show their product in action, what the product can do, what does it look like, how it can be used, etc. It is especially relevant if there’s not a physical store where customers can see the product.
It has been proven that online customers engage more with videos, and product videos are better at displaying the features and qualities of a product, building confidence in customers to purchase from you, and ultimately increasing sales. From all the web visitors, more than 70% are likely to purchase from you just by interacting with a high-quality product video.


Video has been a captivation medium for ages as our eyes are more attracted to moving light and images. Particularly, product videos are sure to grab the viewer’s attention and present more information as compared to other media.
Customers tend to spend more time on a website with videos. On an e-commerce page, product videos increase the no of pages viewed per session by more than 125 percent, and the session duration for e-commerce companies having product videos on their website is lifted by more than 300 percent. This increase in the time spent on the website is because consumers are watching the video to at least 80% of the total video length.
This is also because people absorb information better through videos as compared to text with more than 70 percent of consumers finding product videos better at explaining the product.


If you’re new to e-commerce planning your marketing strategy, including product videos in the strategy will work wonders for you. Even if you are an old brand, including product videos in the promotional strategies of a new product line will boost the confidence of customers in your new product.
Consumers are aware of the fact that looks and words are deceptive and they would easily trust a brand that’s ready to show its products in action by including videos from different angles. More than 50 percent of online shoppers find brands with product videos to be more trustworthy and over 40 percent of internet users will revisit a website because of the product videos. Also, consumers admit that they would think 12 times more highly of a brand that includes product videos than the one that doesn’t. Last but not the least, more than 50 percent of consumers get confident about their purchase if they see a product video and are less likely to ask for a return.
Also, according to some statistics by Google, more than 60 percent of consumers like seeing videos from “people like me” and around 5 percent of consumers like it from experts indicating that it is not only important to know the product but your customers as well to present the right kind to videos to the right people.


According to some surveys, more than 90 percent of online consumers admit that product videos play a huge part in affecting their purchase decision and more than 70 percent of consumers tend to finally purchase a product after seeing a video about how it works. Therefore, it is statistically proven to increase conversions if you include product videos in your marketing strategies.

Having a video on only one page can increase conversions up to 37 percent and more than 40 percent of consumers prefer purchasing products from a brand that features product videos.

Besides this, product videos also contribute to SEO and result in better page rank for your e-commerce brand. E-commerce companies having product videos on their content page experience 150 percent more organic traffic than those who don’t have it. Even if the product video is share across your social media channels, it is likely to create 45 percent more interest in the customers for your product.

Considering a broader perspective, Google nearly encounters 3.5 billion searches daily amounting to nearly 1.2 trillion searches annually, out of which, videos appear in around 14 percent. Just by having a product video, you are 14 percent more likely to appear in the search results.

Apart from the statistics, having a product video on your website makes you look more impressive and professional and bring your products to life by showing them in movement.

Finally, product videos have the power to take your company to greater heights and create more customer engagement. Once you receive a good customer engagement, it becomes easier to earn their loyalty and retain them for a long time to come.

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