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Millennials are a unique generation. They are often highlighted in a negative light with umpteen documents on the internet briefing on the industries they’ve killed because of their spending habits. No matter what is said, you cannot deny the fact that millennials constitute an important segment of the consumer population. That is why it is very important for you to learn how to include them in your brand’s marketing endeavors. Here, we have compiled the best pieces of advice for you by the experts. Read on…

Q: What is your best tip for marketing to millennial consumers?

1. Willingness to be controversial.

To attract millennials, I would advise more brands have the willingness to be “controversial.” They should have the willingness to take a stand and put emphasis on the message rather than the product. Pushing your product onto the viewers is extremely old-school, and having seen that environment since childhood, millennials tend to ‘skip’ or scroll right past the messages which are heavy on products. They are much keener to pause, read, and/or watch something coming from a company that’s directly speaking to them, rather than a company watering down its message for the crowd. Mass marketing is no longer relevant and won’t result in customer retention.

– Melinda Magallanes
Freelance Account Executive at Ogilvy

2. Do not view millennials as a “generation.”

The best tip for marketing to millennials is to not view them as a “generation” or archetype. There are different types of millennials. There are several different facets of any human being you should know while marketing and trying to connect and build conjunction between an individual and the brand. There is no silver bullet. You should focus on asking, “Why this specific story, this specific vision, this current opportunity, at this time for this specific individual?” regardless of the generation they belong to.
– Moira Vetter
Founder & CEO at Modo Modo Agency

3. Be authentic and use a cause that aligns with your brand’s values.

Leveraging facets of “course marketing” with the dual purpose of both increasing profits and improving society simultaneously is an amazing way to tap into trends and causes that the audience is truly concerned about. The key is maintaining authenticity while utilizing a cause that is in alignment with your brand’s values. If done the right way, the campaign will be perceived as authentic. If done the wrong way, you bear the risk of being thought of as fake, dishonest, and out of touch.
Trust-building is a must when brands wish to market to millennials. In this respect, the most, which in turn also means being more humane – using and showcasing real people, real employees, and real customers– and video is a great tool for this.
– Christoffer Larsen
VP of Marketing at TwentyThree

4. Be relevant & relatable.

My suggestion would be to be relevant and relatable. It matters the least if it’s humor, tear-jerking, or hype beast style, if your content and message are relevant & relatable, millennials won’t hesitate to pick it. Millennials are usually selfish, so the message needs to be relevant to them for them to actually “care” about it. Hence the importance.
– Roxanne Lim
Account Manager at Publicis

5. Create, don’t reproduce.

My best tip? Create, don’t reproduce. Three artists who’ve inspired me more the most are David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, and Stevie Wonder. Their careers span decades with each of them being like a chameleon, always changing with the changing times, sometimes even ahead of the times paving the path for others to walk on. True artists, never constant from one album to the next, one tour to the next, one outfit to the next.
Do you think any of them were concerned about data? No, they simply listened to their inner voice, their audience, and the vibe of the times. They were brave, bold, and fearless. Millennials just love that sh*t. Brands need to be more Bowie!
– Simon Gosling
Chief Marketing Officer at Bidstack

6. Surround yourself with youngsters.

Surround yourself with Millennial and Gen Z people within your organization. This will permit you to stay relevant and aware of what is trending daily. Media consumption has increased drastically in the past years and you need to keep up with that. I am not aware of any company that creates enough content, either organic or paid, to fill in the pipes that are the Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok of the world. Permit your team to create more, fail often, and learn faster.
– Yoann Pavy
Head of Digital Marketing at Depop

7. Be in alignment with their ever-changing lives.

You need to build clarity around how your brand, products, and overall experiences are in alignment with their ever-changing lives. Search for ways that your brand aligns with their values, as they like to feel great about the company they are associating with—and be honest about this! Help them make informed choices, as they are as motivated and mobile of a shopper generation as we’ve ever seen.
This may indicate creating a greater depth of content that fits various moments in their decision journey. Acknowledge that they are entering the parenthood stage of life, so their values and needs are now applicable to their families beyond just themselves. And above all, bear in mind that Millennials are people. They have been studied and analyzed in every way imaginable, but the key to connecting with them is exploring a human truth that resonates.
– Tim Laubacher
Director of Strategic Planning at Brokaw Inc.

8. Be real.

My best tip for Marketing to a Millennial Audience would be to be real. When making purchase decisions, Millennials often care more about what their friends and influencers opine. Build an honest foundation that is both engaging and relevant at the same time. Don’t be scared to share real-life stories or testimonials that Millennials can relate to. Whatever you do, just don’t ignore their feedback or comments. And always be ready for constructive criticism.
– Andrew Davis
CEO at Millennial Vision

9. Be authentic and to the point.

Videos that are authentic, real, and to-the-point work better than long-form content. Always concentrate on the content first and then the rest of the jazz, like the video quality or the background. Most people try just one or two videos and then say it didn’t work for them. I would suggest doing it consistently for longer periods, even before thinking of the ROI. To me, just like with anything, consistency creates massive results.
– Sangram Vajre
Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder at Terminus

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