You own a restaurant and probably looking for some hot and spicy marketing technique to spruce up sales! You might have seen short cookery videos on the internet that intrigue you but also leave you confused at the same time as to how to create such a video for your restaurant.
With a lot of people considering going to casual restaurants or take-away, you need to use every nail in your toolbox to drive them to your restaurants. Unlike big brands, you do not have much budget to spend on TV Commercials or Media Spots; it is important to use techniques to make the best out of the limited resources.
It may seem as difficult as hitting the bull’s eye but with the right assistance, you can create videos that boost your online presence and provide you enough recognition.
Today, we shall be discussing how you can make use of the right video content to drive sales and establish a strong media presence.

According to a recent study published by Google, people are consuming videos like “What-do-I-eat” and “How-to-add-it” on their mobile devices. Hence, you need to make mobile-friendly content that is easy to understand and interesting.
With the digital age gaining power, a million minutes of video content are being uploaded on the internet every second and being shown to random internet users in the proximity. With its popularity, millennials have been found to consume more than 30% of food videos online as compared to any other demographics.

You might not want to create food videos all the time but it is important to create a strategy for your video content to ensure that you make the most out of it.

Here are a few types of video you can use:

It is the brand that makes users connect with your business. Your restaurant is not merely a restaurant. It is a Brand! Your business name and brand should project something deep that makes the customer feel instantly connected to it. The best way to do this is by using a good video.
The brand video should portray what your business is all about, why it is what it is, how do customers find your food, which is your best dish, the story behind your best dish, or anything you feel will create a good picture about your restaurant in front of the viewers.
The brand video is usually longer than other videos but this renders them best for retargeting customers who have already interacted with your videos.

Social Videos are antonyms of Brand Videos. Here, you just have a small window to create a leaving impression. On social media, people are less attentive and spend most of their time scrolling. This makes the social video very crucial but difficult.
Social videos need to be fast, creative, and attention-grabbing. They cannot have a long storyline, rather you need to show the best about your restaurant like your best dishes, your happy customers, the ambiance, your logo, your happy staff, etc.

Since restaurants can have a big menu, these types of videos are usually not properly utilized in the restaurant business. But focusing on a single item and making a video for the same by highlighting your expertise, the ingredients, the cooking process can provide you a lot of viewer attention.
You can pick whatever you feel would be best, just ensure that it is enticing enough to grab and retain the viewer’s attention till the end. Visually appetizing dishes or drinks, anything that involves a beautiful sequence like cheese pulling out of a pizza or flames emerging from a sizzler would add a great charm to your video.
You can make full-length product videos for your website and later trim them and use them as ads. This way you can reuse a single video multiple times and gain the most out of it.

These videos are not aimed at your customers. These videos are for your workforce where you can have an induction or training or convey and teach any new technique to your staff across various locations. It eases the tedious training process and ensures that consistent and accurate information reaches all the members.
Training new employees can be frustrating or boring and you would never know the importance of a good training video until you have one at your perusal. With a good and updated training video, it becomes easier to scale that no errors are passed on to the trainee or no information is missed out or miscommunicated and it also rids the other members of the burden of sparing time on training new employees.

Nearly similar to Brand Videos, Commercials are usually shorter, up to 30 seconds long as compared to 2-minute brand videos. They are to the point and focus on one goal and crucial piece of content.
Commercials are great if you want to instill a feeling of suspense. You can present small information and leave the rest to the viewer’s imagination. But to make it work, you need to use high-quality footage and epic shots. Use slow-mos and graphics to put forth the passion involved in cooking your food and make it feel alive!

If you think there’s anything about your restaurant or food or a specific dish, you can use Explainer videos. You can use these to inform and educate viewers about anything.
This type of video is not very common in the restaurant industry but you can make use of it to help you stand out from the crowd. You can portray your expertise or the best dish or your passion for any cuisine or cooking technique, whatever you do, put your heart and soul into it and the video will come out to be amazing! You can also post it online to aid you in your SEO endeavors.

If you own a restaurant, video can be an amazing way to reach your customers and showcase the best things about your brand. It will make them see your passion and leave them drooling over the appetizing food!
Video has become a favorite of most internet users. Be it because of their shorter span of attention or the ease of watching, video has become popular. Not many restaurants are making the use of videos to make their brands shine and thus, if you employee video to your marketing strategy, it will give you unexpectedly good results.
Want to create a video but do not know how to go about it? Get in touch with our expert team. They’ll assist you throughout the process and help you realize your goals!

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