Digital Marketing is omnipresent. The internet is flooded with digital ads, SEO content, customer testimonials, and many other elements of reaching the audience online. To help you put your efforts in the right direction, we got connected with nine Digital Marketing experts to share tips and tricks and their take on the new trends that are likely to dominate in 2020. Find their views below!

Ques: What are the trends in Digital Marketing that can take advantage of in 2021 and why?

1. Provide Good Quality SEO Content

SEO-driven marketing strategies will prove to be a big opportunity for brands that employ them efficiently. On the basis of the data collected in the past two years through our campaigns, it was found that there’s a huge opportunity of improving brand visibility through organic content. The key being, improve the quality of the content by providing a relevant solution to the users’ search intent and presenting it such that satisfies their query. This includes making use of supporting video, images, and decently structuring the content.

-Igor Kholkin

CEO, Avidon Marketing Group


2. Adjust Your Content For Omni-Channel Experience

With increasing channels and online time, consumers will be interacting with your brand in a number of different digital spaces and it would be a disservice to your brand on your behalf if they aren’t properly aligned. The messaging and visual elements for your campaigns should tell an integrated story across all the channels.


Content Strategist, Lemonlight


3. Be Attentive Towards The Changes In Social Media

As digital marketers, you should be attentive to the changes that are gradually emerging in the social media space. With the various regulations coming up as to what users can and cannot post on their profiles on different social media, decentralizing networks are important to take their place. The coming decade is all about pleasing, valuing, and empowering the users.

-Joel Comm

Speaker, Author, and Functional Futurist

Provide A Wonderful Customer Experience

2021 is going to be the customers’ year more than ever! A massive shift in the beliefs regarding what marketing actually is being observed. The priority has changed from convincing people to make a purchase to providing the best customer experience that will have people coming back for more. In meaning, the market works for you if you concentrate on building the best possible business culture with positivity and providing the best in class service.

-Michael Brenner

CEO, Marketing Insider

Author of Mean People Suck


5. Integrate Your Tactics And Strategy

As a B2B tech marketing agency, we observe that with companies realizing their digital transformation, their PR and marketing efforts and taking a back seat. Employing a carefully thought out integrated approach to tactics and strategy is reaping great benefits for the clients. So, instead of PR being at the forefront, marketing departments are smartly involving employee advocacy and executive communications as a part of their integrated strategy that keeps people at the center of the message distribution process.

-Mel Carson

Founder and CEO, Delightful Communications


6. Participate Authentically

Finding and engaging with your tribe authentically using digital marketing tools is not merely a TREND—it can be seen as a long-term strategy of building leadership in your experience domain. For a brand like mine, LinkedIn is providing an amazing platform for sharing my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with my audience consistently. 

To have this really work for you, you must be authentic and willing to give without expecting anything in return. The one question prior to writing, sharing, and posting content are, whether it will add value to my tribe?

 The outcomes are never instantaneous- it has taken years for me to foster my tribe and continue building my voice and the company’s voice. It involves putting a lot of creativity, dedication, and willingness to present yourself/brand out there for others to notice. When you do this whole-heartedly, you’ll find your niche client and they’ll start approaching you for help.

-Aaron Levy

Founder and CEO, Raise The Bar

Author of Open, Honest and Direct


7. Handle User Data In An Effective Manner

Mapping the journey of customers along with the content will result in growth and conversions. Engaging the right users on the right device at the right time is evidently critical and challenging. With user data defining the future of marketing, managing this data effectively would be a mission for most of the brands.

-Tarun Kumar

Digital Marketing Manager, MoEngage


8. The Future Of Media Buying Will Depend On Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising basically corresponds to making the use of AI for buying media on digital channels such as OTT, video, mobile, apps, social, etc. It is preferred by digital media planners since it gives control to the marketer’s hands by providing more transparency and helping them run targeted marketing campaigns in a safe environment, automate marketing campaigns and measure ROAS accurately.

-Arti Prasad

Digital Strategist, MoEngage


9. Delve Deeper Into Topics
The majority of content available online is still weak. Go deeper into each and every topic to gain an extra edge against your competitor. Try giving a solution to one more related question before publishing your content or consider adding one more example or image or quote. As per the most recent blogging statistics, going bigger corresponds to doing better.

-Andy Cresodina

Co-Founder and CMO, Orbit Media Studios

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