What is An Event Highlight Video?

What is An Event Highlight Video?

Having a video to represent your business is consequential in today’s age. As a business, you can really maximize your marketing efforts by creating a compelling video. It can be repurposed in multiple ways – for your website, social media, email marketing campaign, and much more!

We are going to create several blogs that break down the different kinds of videos. Today we’re going to talk about Event Highlight videos!

Why Have an Event Highlight Video?

The goal for every event/conference is to build buzz and attract prospects. By having a successful event, you start to build momentum and, hopefully, increase attendance for the next one. A highlight video can help you with that momentum and gain in attendance.

By showcasing your event, you allow potential prospects to get a better understanding of what your event is all about. In addition to educating your audience, you also generate more engagement! People can like, comment or share your video on social platforms. That engagement will ultimately lead to more visits to your website.

Here’s an Event Highlight video we did for Maverick!

Costa Rica VIDEO from Mosaic Media Films on Vimeo.

The best way to market your video in order to gain attraction for future events, is through social media, landing pages and email marketing.

If you want to learn more about email marketing, check out our latest blog, in which we go over some helpful tips to create a successful email campaign.

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