What is An Animation Video?

What is An Animation Video?

Having a video to represent your business is consequential in today’s age. As a business, you can really maximize your marketing efforts by creating a compelling video. It can be repurposed in multiple ways – for your website, social media, email marketing campaign, and much more!

These videos can help you accomplish many goals. First and foremost, they set you apart from your competitors and really catch your audience’s eye right away. Secondly, not only can it increase engagement with your customers, but also helps your company establish your brand and spread that message. It can also be used as a great way to educate internally or externally. The possibilities are endless!

We know video is great for your business and leads to several benefits, but it can be challenging, or even overwhelming, to know where to start and what kind of video to choose. That’s why you can turn to us, Mosaic Media Films! We are here to take your ideas, and the passion you have for your business, to ultimately create a video you can be proud of.

We are going to create several blogs that break down the different kinds of videos. Today we’re going to talk about animation videos!

Breaking down animation videos

When we here animation our mind automatically goes to cartoons, and you’re not incorrect. Animation is a form of illustration that can be used as a great promotional tool. We established, having a solid business video is important, but the process of shooting and hiring actors can be time consuming. Animation videos eliminate that!

Indeed – SHORT from Mosaic Media Films on Vimeo.

Here’s an animation video we did for the hiring company, Indeed. We were able to take some statistics and present it in a compelling way. Indeed, has an established and recognizable brand. We kept that brand’s voice throughout the video with the use of colors, fonts and logos. All Indeed had to do was provide us with those statistics and brand themes. From there, we did the rest! Making it a stress-free process for our client.

Animation Overlay

You can also use animation as an additional element in other videos as well. In many of our videos we will use a combination of animation and footage. Animation overlay is a great way to get your message across to the viewer. It makes your message more impactful and easier to follow. Take a look at this instructional video we did for Trace My Space.

Trace My Space: Detailed Instructional Steps from Mosaic Media Films on Vimeo.

The animation used in this video helped the viewer understand how this service and product works. We were able to break it down, while also making it visually appealing.

Lasting Remarks

When animation is used correctly, they can make a significant impact on your customer. The goal for any video is to leave a lasting impression. With the use of animation, you reach that goal.

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