What is a Social Media Video?

What is a Social Media Video?

Having a video to represent your business is consequential in today’s age. As a business, you can really maximize your marketing efforts by creating a compelling video. It can be repurposed in multiple ways – for your website, social media, email marketing campaign, and much more!

We are going to create several blogs that break down the different kinds of videos. Today we’re going to talk about social media videos!

Breaking Down Short Social Media Videos

We’ve produced many short videos for our clients to use across their social media platforms. These videos are anywhere from 15-30 second videos. They’re tailored specifically for social media, making it square or vertical based on the platform.

These videos are great for engagement and branding. You can use these videos to show off a specific product or your business as a whole. These short videos allow customers to get to know your brand better and what you have to offer while casually scrolling through their feed.

SOCIAL – Sales – Realator’s Work from Mosaic Media Films on Vimeo.

Here’s one that we did for Heather Deba, a realtor right here in Austin. We created several compelling videos to help her create more buzz around her brand. She was able to gain more online engagement, therefore gaining more leads.

As you can see from her short social ad, we included her contact and logo in the framing. This is a great addition to grab the audience’s attention!

With social videos, we recommend adding captions to increase engagement. To learn about the power of captions on videos, check out our latest blog here!

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