What is A How-to Video?

What is A How-to Video?

The most common videos we do for our clients are business promos or commercials. Business promos act as an overreaching video to talk about your business and service, or product, you provide. These videos are great for creating some buzz around your business, but that’s just the start! There are many other kinds of marketing videos your business can benefit from. Each offers a unique strategy to increase engagement and awareness. Go beyond just a commercial and really show off your business by implementing a variety of videos.

We are going to create several blogs that break down the different kinds of videos. Today we’re going to talk about How-To videos!

What are How-To videos?

How-to videos give the viewer a set of steps with detailed instructions so they can fully understand how to use your product/service. By the end of the video, the viewer should feel confident in using your product and feel that their questions were answered.

Trace My Space: Detailed Instructional Steps from Mosaic Media Films on Vimeo.

These videos are helpful for potential prospects and customers who have already purchased the product. In the Trace My Space video, we used on-screen text and animation to help break down the process. When selling any kind of product or service, you don’t want to overcomplicate things. These videos make it crystal clear on how to use your product/service.

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