Even though we’re spending more and more time on social media and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, there is still a large portion of the population that prefers traditional television. Whether it’s a Comcast subscription or just local tv content and news, traditional tv commercials are not dead yet.

Because there is such a large audience local tv advertising is still a very viable marketing strategy. Often times, when clients opt to advertise on TV the work directly with the television station and media buyer to get a package of TV spots, times and duration of the campaign.

As a part of the package, many times the network will include filming and editing of the commercial. As a result, the client will end up with a “broadcast” style commercial which is why most local TV ads are very poorly done. Often times these TV network produced commercials with the finger pointing, over the top green screen look or loud graphics are laughable at best. It’s because the team of people creating the videos are training to do something quickly and move onto the next project and they don’t take the time nor have the skill to craft compelling visuals or create an engaging story.

With our more cinematic approach, we apply the same care and attention to a tv commercial as we do with your online business promo. We’ll create a commercial that’s’ reflective of your brand, helps increase conversion and meets all the tv standards needed by the network.

Why do I need a Commercial Video?

If you’re planning on taking out TV ads at the local level, make sure to put your best foot forward. Instead of getting roped into having the TV station’s team create it for you, let us create your commercial utilizing the great visuals and content we captured from your other videos.

How long is a Commercial Video?

Depending on the TV spot that you purchased will dictate the length of the commercial. Most commercials are 30 or 60 second spots, and because it’s television it has to be exactly that length – not a second over.

Types of Videos

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