Blooper Video

Your business is a serious business. But, if we can’t laugh at ourselves and have some fun then what are we really doing? With a blooper video, we have some fun highlighting the corky outtakes from the interview and shoot throughout the day.

In some instances, we’ve seen more engagement and responses from blooper videos than other videos.

Why do I need a Blooper Video?

Having a blooper video or series of short blooper videos is a great way to further humanize you and your team. People to get see an authentic version of you in a context that makes them laugh and feel more connected to you.

How do I market my Blooper Videos?

Blooper videos can be marketed on your website, social media, in an array of your email marketing.

How long is a Blooper Video?

A blooper video can range from 30 seconds to 3minutes depending on the approach and overall strategy. If you combined all of your bloopers to one single video that may be closer to 3 minutes in length. While, a single individual’s blooper video may be 30 seconds or less.

Types of Videos

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