Top 4 Best Places to Put Your Videos on Your Site.

Top 4 Best Places to Put Your Videos on Your Site.

You’ve got this amazing video to show off your business, now where do you put it? The best place for it to go is on your company’s website! Having video on your website, immediately sets you apart from your competitors.

When we googled “hire kitchen remodel Austin” these were the results:

Video Result

None of them had video!! Try doing the same for your given industry, see if your competitors are using video. If not, this leaves a massive opportunity for you to stand out.

Today we’re going to break down how you can leverage your video by strategically placing it throughout your website.

Home Page

If you have a business promo video, the best place for it to go is right on your homepage! This way your You want to lead your customers to your video, so the best place for it to go is on your homepage above the fold.

The fold is the portion of your website that is visible without scrolling

Above The Fold

About Us

When a potential prospect comes to your page, more than likely, they want to know more about your business and your story. A video is a lot more personal and engaging, as opposed to standard text and images. On this page you can have a business promo or a video that focuses on your founder’s story.


If your website has a blog, having a video would be a great addition! Most blogs include images but having a video will really make it pop! Also, if a viewer really enjoys that blog, they can reshare it — allowing others to see your video as well.

You can also write a blog over the video process and your experience filming. You can include what your goals were for this video and some highlights! Not only are you featuring your video, but you can give your audience some insight before viewing it.

Service Page

Like most businesses, you probably provide multiple services. If you’re a Dentistry you might provide services like cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and more. On your website, each one of those services have a dedicated page that breaks down each service and provides more information.So, putting a service video that correlates to that service page would be ideal.

Closing Remarks

Here are just a few places on your website that will allow you to show off your video even further. If you have any questions about this topic or interested in getting a quote, reach out!

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