The Ideal Length for Your Videos

The Ideal Length for Your Videos

So you’re ready to collaborate and create a video with us but maybe you’re unsure on what the length of your videos should be. A lot of it depends on the type of video it is, your audience’s interest and the amount of information that needs to be highlighted.  So let’s take a look at a variety of different videos and talk about ideal lengths for each.

 Business Promo Video:

The business promo video is your flagship video, the story of who you are and how your solve your customer’s challenges. It’s a combination of cinematic visuals, interviews and testimonials.  Ideally we want a business promo to be one and half to three minutes long. We want it to be long enough where we can highlight the content but short enough where they will keep watching till the end.

Service Video:

A service video is where we go into more specifics about a service you offer and educate your customers on your unique approach. It uses cinematic visuals, interviews and sometimes testimonials.  Ideally we want a service video to be one to two minutes long. This gives us enough time to explain your process without being too long and loosing viewership.

Customer Story Video:

A customer story video does a deep dive into a customer’s experience and can have visuals of them or common visuals of the business.  These can have a wide range of one to four minutes. Wondering why there is such a big gap?  A lot depends on the story, the brand and the goals. For a gym a one and half minute video might be just fine but a cancer survivor story where we can do really go deeper into the story, struggle and life – that might be closer to four minutes.

 FAQ Video:

An FAQ video is super straight forward, it’s the questions you get all the time, we’re just converting them to video format so we can highlight the content more effectively with visuals.  Here typically thirty seconds to one minute is about the max we want to make an FAQ video. Ideally we want to make then short and direct so the viewer can get their answer and move onto the next step.

 Social Video:

Social Media videos are all about the interrupt. Here we want to create compelling short videos that provide enough interest to the viewer where they click on button and go to the next page.  These can range anywhere from  fifteen seconds to a long as forty five seconds. We can certainly make them longer however the average viewing time on Facebook is 10 seconds. Knowing that longer videos typically don’t perform well.

 One thing to keep in mind is that the video length and retention depends greatly on the business, brand and the actual customer watching. The more interested the customer is in your business the more likely they will watch it all the way through.  Use these time lengths as a great guideline but keep in mind people’s attention spans online are becoming shorter and shorter – so when you’re trying to grab their attention with a social media video, our goal to make short impact-full videos, once they are engaged then we can provide longer ninety second to three minuets videos.

I hope this has been helpful, if you have any questions feel free to contact us or give us a call at 512-607-5533.